1946. huk
Lexical Summary
huk: bring again, come, go up
Original Word: הוּךְ
Transliteration: huk
Phonetic Spelling: (hook)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: bring again, come, go up
Meaning: bring again, come, go up
Strong's Concordance
bring again, come, go up

(Aramaic) corresponding to halak; to go; causatively, to bring -- bring again, come, go (up).

see HEBREW halak


H1946. huk

[הֲלַךְ‎] verb go (Biblical Hebrew; ᵑ7‎; Syriac only Pa.); —

Pe`al syncop. (so ᵑ7‎ D§ 70, 9, Egyptian Aramaic Cooke209, Imperfect S-CD 22, G 25, 28) go, of men: Imperfect3masculine singular וִיהַח‎ (K§ 44 a; al. וִיהָח‎) Ezra 6:5, יְהָ֑ךְ5:5; of inanimate things = be brought, 7:13; Infinitive לִמְהַח‎ (Kl.c.; al. חָ֯‎) 7:13.

Pa`el Participle מְהַלֵחwalking about Daniel 4:26 (עַל‎ location).

Haph`el id.: Participle plural מַהְלְכִיןDaniel 3:25 (בְּגוֺא‎); figurative 4:34 walk in pride (? read

Pa`el in these).


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