2223. zarzir
Lexical Summary
zarzir: girded
Original Word: זַרְזִיר
Transliteration: zarzir
Phonetic Spelling: (zar-zeer')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: girded
Meaning: tightly girt, a racer, some fleet animal
Strong's Concordance

By reduplication from zuwr; properly, tightly girt, i.e. Probably a racer, or some fleet animal (as being slender in the waist) -- + greyhound.

see HEBREW zuwr


H2223. zarzir

זַרְזִירadjective girded, girt (compare BaNB 206) — only construct Proverbs 30:31 אוֺתָֿ֑יִו מָתְנַיִם זַרְזִירthat which is girt in the loins, etc., named with lion, he-goat, and king, as stately in motion. Perhaps = grey-hound Ew Bö De and others, or war-horse Bo Ges Hi and others; Vrss. cock, Talmud raven, see De Now (Late Hebrew זַרְזִירstarling (war-horse only in interpretation of 30:31), Aramaic ; Lexicons also starling, in Arabic , perhaps loan-word Others derive from a √זרר‎, see above)

זַרְזִירProverbs 30:31 see below III. זוּר‎.


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