2733. Charodi
Lexical Summary
Charodi: inhabitant of Harod
Original Word: חֲרֹדִי
Transliteration: Charodi
Phonetic Spelling: (khar-o-dee')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: inhabitant of Harod
Meaning: Harodite -- a Charodite
Strong's Concordance

Patrial from a derivative of charad (compare Eyn Charod); a Charodite, or inhabitant of Charod -- Harodite.

see HEBREW charad

see HEBREW Eyn Charod


H2733. Charodi

חֲרֹדִיadjective, of location only with article ׳הַח‎, of Harod 2 Samuel 23:25 a (see Dr and Judges 7:1); = הַהֲרוֺרִי1 Chronicles 11:27 (read הַהֲרוֺדִי‎); also 1 Samuel 23:25b but probably not Genuine; not in ᵐ5‎ or 1 Chronicles 11:27 (see Dr and אֱלִיקָא‎ above).


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