2876. tabbach
Lexical Summary
tabbach: cook, guardsman
Original Word: טַבָּח
Transliteration: tabbach
Phonetic Spelling: (tab-bawkh')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: cook, guardsman
Meaning: a butcher, a lifeguardsman, a cook
Strong's Concordance
cook, guard

From tabach; properly, a butcher; hence, a lifeguardsman (because he was acting as an executioner); also a cook (usually slaughtering the animal for food) -- cook, guard.

see HEBREW tabach


H2876. tabbach

טַבָּחnoun masculine1 Samuel 9:23

1 cook,

2 guardsman; —

1 cook (who also killed the animal for food and served it) טַבָּח‎ absolute 1 Samuel 9:23-24, .

2 elsewhere only plural טַבָּחִיםguardsmen, bodyguard (originally royal slaughterers; see RSOTJC 426 (262); Semitic i. 1st ed., 396); always in the following combinations: הַטּ ׳שַׂרcaptain of Pharaoh's bodyguard Genesis 37:36; 39:1 (both J), 40:3-4, 41:10, 12 (all E); ׳רַבטֿchief of Nebuchadrezzar's bodyguard 2 Kings 25:8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 18, 20; Jeremiah 39:9 16t. Jeremiah (hence Aramaic טַבָּחַיָּא רַבDaniel 2:14).

[טַבָּח‎] noun masculine guardsman (see Biblical Hebrew id.; √ טבח‎); — plural emphatic טַבָּחַיָאDaniel 2:14.


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