2895. tob
Lexical Summary
tob: to be pleasing or good
Original Word: טוֹב
Transliteration: tob
Phonetic Spelling: (tobe)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be pleasing or good
Meaning: to be pleasing or good
Strong's Concordance
be do better, cheer, be do, seem good, make goodly, please, be, do,

A primitive root, to be (transitively, do or make) good (or well) in the widest sense -- be (do) better, cheer, be (do, seem) good, (make) goodly, X please, (be, do, go, play) well.


H2895. tob

I. טוֺבverb pleasing, good (Late Hebrew id., Hiph`il; also derivatives; Arabic , medial , be pleasant, delightful, delicious, sweet or savoury in taste or odour, be pure and clean, cheerful, gleeful (Lane); Aramaic , , טַיֵּב טַב, טְאֵב,‎ and especially derivatives glad, joyful; Assyrian ‰âbu, be good, kind, acceptable, joyful, vigorous DlHWB 299) —

Qal Perfect טוֺבNumbers 11:18 32t.; plural טֹבוּ24:5; Song of Solomon 4:10; (Imperfect יִיטַב‎ from יָטַב‎); Infinitive absolute טוֺבJudges 11:25; construct טוֺבJeremiah 32:39 6t., כְּטוֺבJudges 16:25 Qr (Kt טוב כי‎); Participle טוֺב11:25; 1 Samuel 2:26; (for these forms see Bö§ 1133, 4 SS under the word; Ges recognizes only Perfects and fewer of them than above. It is often difficult to decide between verb and adjective ); —

1 be pleasant, delightful, of tents of Jacob Numbers 24:5 (J E; poetry); of caresses Song of Solomon 4:10 (followed by מִיַּיִן‎ compare)

2 be glad, joyful לֵב טוֺבJudges 16:25 (Qr), 1 Samuel 25:36; 2 Samuel 13:28; Esther 1:10 (see טוּב2c).

3 of rank, position, claim: מבלק אתה טוֺב הֲטוֺבJudges 11:25 art thou really better than Balak?

4 לְ טוֺבbe well with, good for Numbers 11:18 (J), Deuteronomy 5:30; 15:16; 19:13; 1 Samuel 16:16, 23; 2 Samuel 14:32; Psalm 119:71; 128:2; Jeremiah 22:15; so (that is לוֺ‎) Isaiah 3:10 it is well (with him); טוב אזJeremiah 22:16 (compare 22:15); אֶלֿ טוֺב1 Samuel 20:12 there is good toward David

5 be pleasing בְּעֵינֵי טוֺב‎ (see II. טוֺב2b c f) Numbers 24:1 (J) 2 Samuel 3:19, 36; 15:26; 19:38; בְּעֵינֵי טוֺב אִם1 Kings 21:2; Jeremiah 40:4, 4; Zechariah 11:12; later usage is עַל טוֺב אִםif it seem good unto (so Assyrian ‰âbu eli, be pleasing unto, DlHWB 300 a), 1 Chronicles 13:2; Nehemiah 2:5, 7; Esther 1:19; 3:9; 5:4, 8; 7:3; 8:5; 9:13 (compare טוֺב‎ adjective ).

Hiph`il Perfect2masculine singular הֱטִיבוֺתָ2 Chronicles 6:8, הֱטִיבֹתָ1 Kings 8:18; 2 Kings 10:30; — do well, act right, followed by כִּיthat 1 Kings 8:18 thou didst well, that it was in thine heart = 2 Chronicles 6:8; followed by infinitive with לְ2 Kings 10:30 thou hast done well in performing what was right in mine eyes.


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