3211. yalid
Lexical Summary
yalid: born
Original Word: יָלִיד
Transliteration: yalid
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-leed')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: born
Meaning: born
Strong's Concordance
homeborn, child, son

From yalad; born -- ((home-))born, child, son.

see HEBREW yalad


H3211. yalid

[יָלִיד‎] adjective born, only construct וְלִידGenesis 17:12 4t.; plural יְלִידֵי14:14 6t.; בִּילִדֵי2 Samuel 21:18; — born, especially of slave בַּיִת וְלִיד‎ born in (one's) house (opposed to purchased by money) Genesis 17:12-13, 27; Leviticus 22:11 (all P), compare Jeremiah 2:14 where denied of Israel; בַיִת יְלִידֵיid. Genesis 14:14; plural elsewhere substantive = children, sons ׳יל הרפה2 Samuel 21:16, 18 compare ׳יל הָרְפָאִים1 Chronicles 20:4; ׳יל הענקNumbers 13:22, 28; Joshua 15:14 (all J E).


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