3730. kaphtor
Lexical Summary
kaphtor: capital, knob, bulb
Original Word: כַּפְתֹּר
Transliteration: kaphtor
Phonetic Spelling: (kaf-tore')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: capital, knob, bulb
Meaning: capital, knob, bulb
Strong's Concordance
knop, upper lintel

Or (Am. 9:1) kaphtowr {kaf-tore'}; probably from an unused root meaning to encircle; a chaplet; but used only in an architectonic sense, i.e. The capital of a column, or a wreath-like button or disk on the candelabrum: knop, (upper) lintel.


H3730. kaphtor

I. כַּפְתֹּר כַּפְתּוֺרnoun masculine

1 capital,

2 knob, bulb (2 perhaps earlier meaning; HoffmZAW iii. (1883), 124, compare Syriac pear (LöwNo. 153), from shape); —

1 כַּפְתּוֺרAmos 9:1 capital of pillar; so plural suffix כַּפְתֹּרֶיהָZephaniah 2:14.

2 כַּפְתֹּר‎, knob or bulb, ornament on the golden lamp-stand in tabernacle; ᵐ5σφαιρωτήρ, JosArchaeology iii, 6, 7 ρὁΐσκος small pomegranate; ᵑ9‎. sphaerula:Exodus 25:33 (twice in verse); 25:35 (3 t. in verse) = 37:19 (twice in verse); 37:21 (3 t. in verse); suffix כַּפְתֹּרֶיהָ25:31, 34 = 37:17, 20, כַּפְתֹּרֵיהֶם25:36 = 37:22 (all P).


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