3842. lebanah
Lexical Summary
lebanah: moon
Original Word: לְבָנָה
Transliteration: lebanah
Phonetic Spelling: (leb-aw-naw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: moon
Meaning: white, the moon
Strong's Concordance

From laban; properly, (the) white, i.e. The moon -- moon. See also Lbana'.

see HEBREW laban

see HEBREW Lbana'


H3842. lebanah

I. לְבָּנָהnoun feminine moon, in poetry (Late Hebrew id.); — ׳לIsaiah 24:23 2t.; shall pale before ׳י24:23 ("" חַמָּה‎); shall become like sun (חַמָּה‎) in day of ׳י‎s redemption 30:26 (הַלְּ ׳אוֺר‎); simile of woman's beauty, כַלְּ ׳יָפָהSong of Solomon 6:10 ("" חַמָּה‎).


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