4736. miqnah
Lexical Summary
miqnah: a purchase
Original Word: מִקְנָה
Transliteration: miqnah
Phonetic Spelling: (mik-naw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a purchase
Meaning: a buying, acquisition, a piece of property, the sum paid
Strong's Concordance
he that is bought, possession, piece, purchase

Feminine of miqneh; properly, a buying, i.e. Acquisition; concretely, a piece of property (land or living); also the sum paid -- (he that is) bought, possession, piece, purchase.

see HEBREW miqneh


H4736. miqnah

מִקְנָהnoun feminine purahase; — absolute ׳מGenesis 23:18 +; construct מִפְנַת17:12 +; suffix מִקְנָתוֺLeviticus 25:16 +; —

1 purchase, כֶּסֶף מִקְנַתGenesis 17:12-13, 23, 27; Exodus 12:44 (all P); הַמּ ׳סֵפֶרdocument of purchase Jeremiah 32:11-12, (twice in verse); 32:14, 16.

2 purchase-price, Leviticus 25:16 (twice in verse); 25:51; 27:22 (P).

3 possession (gained by purchase), לְמִקְנָהGenesis 23:18 (P).


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