5200. Netophathi
Lexical Summary
Netophathi: inhabitant of Netophah
Original Word: נְטֹפָתִי
Transliteration: Netophathi
Phonetic Spelling: (net-o-faw-thee')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: inhabitant of Netophah
Meaning: Netophathite -- inhabitant of Netophah
Strong's Concordance

Patronymic from Ntophah; a Netophathite, or inhabitant of Netophah -- Netophathite.

see HEBREW Ntophah


H5200. Netophathi

נְטוֺפָתִי נְטֹפָתִי,adjective, of a people; — ׳נְטֹפ2 Samuel 23:28 5t., ׳נְטוֺפ1 Chronicles 2:54 4t. Chronicles; — ׳הַנּthe Netophathite 2 Samuel 23:28-29, 2 Kings 25:23 = Jeremiah 40:8; 1 Chronicles 11:30 (twice in verse); singular collective (the) Netophathites (no article) 2:54; 9:16; Nehemiah 12:28.


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