5541. calah
Lexical Summary
calah: to make light of, toss aside
Original Word: סָלָה
Transliteration: calah
Phonetic Spelling: (saw-law')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to make light of, toss aside
Meaning: to make light of, toss aside
Strong's Concordance
tread down under foot, value

A primitive root; to hang up, i.e. Weigh, or (figuratively) contemn -- tread down (under foot), value.


H5541. calah

I. [סָלָה‎] verb make light of, toss aside (compare Assyrian salû, throw off, shake off (yoke) Dl500; Arabic , is be forgetful, neglectful Lane1417; Aramaic סְלָאdespise, reject); —

Qal Perfect2masculine singular סָלִיתָPsalm 119:118 thou dost make light of all those that err from thy statutes. — compare also סַלּוֺן‎ below

Pi`el intensive Perfect3masculine singular סִלָּהLamentations 1:15 Adonay hath flouted at my mighty ones.

II. [סָלָה‎] verb weigh, balance ("" form of סָלָא‎ q.v); —

Pu`al Imperfect3feminine singular בְּכֶתֶם לֹאתְֿסֻלֶּהJob 28:16 it cannot be weighed against (estimated in) gold of Ophir, compare 28:19.

סֶ֫לָה‎ see סלל‎ below


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