5714. Iddo
Lexical Summary
Iddo: "timely", the name of several Israelites
Original Word: עִדּוֹ
Transliteration: Iddo
Phonetic Spelling: (id-do')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: "timely", the name of several Israelites
Meaning: Iddo -- "timely", the name of several Israelites
Strong's Concordance

Or iiddowo {id-do'}; or tiddiy {id-dee'}; from adah; timely; Iddo (or Iddi), the name of five Israelites -- Iddo. Compare Yiddow, y'diy.

see HEBREW adah

see HEBREW Yiddow

see HEBREW y'diy


H5714. Iddo

עִדּוֺא עִדֹּא, עִדּוֺ,

proper name, masculine Iddo; —

1 father of an officer of Solomon עִדֹּא1 Kings 4:14; ᵐ5Αχελ, A Σαδωκ, ᵐ5L Αχιαβ

2 grandfather of prophet Zechariah עִדּוֺZechariah 1:1, עִדּוֺא1:7; ᵐ5Αδδω.

3 a Levite עִדּוֺ1 Chronicles 6:6; ᵐ5Αδει, ᵐ5L Αδδω.

4 a priestly name עִדּוֺא‎ van d. H. Ginsb (Baer עִדּוֺ‎) Nehemiah 12:4; א ᵐ5‎ etc. Αδαιας; also עדיא12:16 Kt (עֲדָיָא‎?), Qr עִדּוֺא‎; א ᵐ5τῷ Αδδαι, ᵐ5L τῳ Αδαια.

5 a seer הַחֹזֶה עִדּוֺ2 Chronicles 12:15 = עִדּוֺ הַנָּכִיא13:22, ᵐ5Αδ(δ)ω; = יֶעְדּוֺ9:29, Ιωηλ(δ).

עֹדֵד‎ see עוד‎.


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