5763. ul
Lexical Summary
ul: to nurse, give suck
Original Word: עוּל
Transliteration: ul
Phonetic Spelling: (ool)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to nurse, give suck
Meaning: to suckle, give milk
Strong's Concordance
to suckle

A primitive root; to suckle, i.e. Give milk -- milch, (ewe great) with young.


H5763. ul

I. [עוּל‎] verb give suck (Arabic , give suck (while pregnant); compare Aramaic foetus, sucking child; foal, so Ethiopic image unavailable Talmud עִילָה‎); —

Qal Participle feminine plural עָלוֺתgiving suck, of cows 1 Samuel 6:7, 10; ewes Psalm 78:71 and (figurative of returning exiles) Isaiah 40:11; of both Genesis 33:13 (J).


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