6211. ash
Lexical Summary
ash: a moth
Original Word: עָשׁ
Transliteration: ash
Phonetic Spelling: (awsh)
Part of Speech: Noun
Short Definition: a moth
Meaning: a moth
Strong's Concordance

From ashesh; a moth -- moth. See also Ayish.

see HEBREW ashesh

see HEBREW Ayish


H6211. ash

II. עָשׁnoun masculineIsaiah 50:9 moth (as waster, consumer); — ׳ע‎ absolute, Hosea 5:12 ("" רָקָכ‎), Isaiah 50:9; 51:8; in simile Psalm 39:12; עָשׁ אֲכָלוֺ כְּבֶגֶדJob 13:28; symbol of fragility 4:19. — 27:10 read probably עַכָּבִישׁ‎ q. v.


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