6414. palil
Lexical Summary
palil: a judge
Original Word: פָלִיל
Transliteration: palil
Phonetic Spelling: (paw-leel')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a judge
Meaning: a magistrate
Strong's Concordance

From palal; a magistrate -- judge.

see HEBREW palal


H6414. palil

[מָּלִיל‎] noun masculine judge; plural מְּלִילִיםDeuteronomy 32:31 our enemies being judges, umpires; פ ׳עָוֺןJob 31:11, read פ ׳עֲוֺן‎ according to Di Siegf, compare De; < מְּלִילִי עָוֺן‎ as 31:28, so Bu Du; בִּפְלִלִיםExodus 21:22, read perhaps בַּנְּפָלִיםfor the abortion BuZAW xi (1891), 107, compare also Di-Ry.


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