7652. sheba'
Lexical Summary
sheba': two Israelites
Original Word: שֶׁבַע
Transliteration: sheba'
Phonetic Spelling: (sheh'-bah)
Part of Speech: proper name, masculine; proper name, of a location
Short Definition: two Israelites
Meaning: Sheba -- two Israelites
Strong's Concordance

The same as sheba'; seven; Sheba, the name of a place in Palestine, and of two Israelites -- Sheba.

see HEBREW sheba'


H7652. sheba

' II. שֶׁ֫בַעproper name, masculine

1 in Benjamin, בֶּןבִּֿכְרִי2 Samuel 20:1-2, 6, 7, 10, 13, 21, 22; Σαβεε

2 in Gad 1 Chronicles 5:13; Σεβεε, A Σωβαθε, ᵐ5L Σαβεε.

III. שֶׁבַע‎ si vera lectio proper name, of a location in Simeon, וְשֶׁבַע בְּאֵרשֶֿׁבֶעJoshua 19:2; Σαμαα, ᵐ5L Σαβε; probably strike out ׳וְשׁ‎ Di and others (omit "" 1 Chronicles 4:23). — שׁ ׳בְּאֵר‎.

שֶׁבַע‎ see in compounds אֱלִישֶׁבַע‎, (בַּתשֶֿׁבַע‎), יְהוֺשֶׁבַע‎.


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