8245. shaqad
Lexical Summary
shaqad: to watch, wake
Original Word: שָׁקַד
Transliteration: shaqad
Phonetic Spelling: (shaw-kad')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to watch, wake
Meaning: to be alert, sleepless, to be on the lookout
Strong's Concordance
hasten, remain, wake, watch for

A primitive root; to be alert, i.e. Sleepless; hence to be on the lookout (whether for good or ill) -- hasten, remain, wake, watch (for).


H8245. shaqad

שָׁקַדverb watch, wake (Phoenician שקרbe circumspect; Late Hebrew שָׁקַדbe insistent; see שְׁקֵד ᵑ7‎ = Biblical Hebrew); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳שׁPsalm 127:1, שָׁקַ֫דְתִּיJeremiah 31:28; Psalm 102:8; Imperfect3masculine singular יִשְׁק֑וֺדJob 21:32 (Me Bu יִשְֹׁו֑דוּ‎), וַיִּשְׁקֹדDaniel 9:14, 1singular אֶשְׁקֹדJeremiah 31:28; Imperative masculine plural שִׁקְדוּEzra 8:29; Infinitive construct לִשְׁקֹדProverbs 8:34; Participle active שֹׁקֵדJeremiah 1:12 +; plural construct שֹׁקְדֵיIsaiah 29:20; —

1 keep watch of, be wakeful over, ׳י‎ subject, עַל‎ person, to benefit or injure Jeremiah 31:28 (twice in verse); 44:27; עַל‎ thing, to perform it 1:12; Daniel 9:14; so (men subject) אָוֶן שֹׁקְדֵיIsaiah 29:20; of leopard watching לְַעָֿרֵיהֶםJeremiah 5:6 (to seize prey, figurative); of man watching (for admission) at (עַל‎) wisdom's doors Proverbs 8:34 ("" שָׁמַר‎); = keep guard over (עַל‎) Job 21:32, compare (absolute) ׳שׁ וְשִׁמְרוּEzra 8:29 and (of watchman, שֹׁמֵר‎) Psalm 127:1.

2 be wakeful, wake, as mourner, sufferer Psalm 102:8. — Lamentations 1:14 read perhaps

Niph`al Perfect עַלמְּֿשָׁעַי נִשְׁקַד‎ (ᵐ5‎ Bu) watch has been kept over my transgressions (compare

1 above), for פ עֹל ׳נִשְׂקַד ᵑ0‎. —

Pu`al denominative see infra.


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