Job 31:1
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“I have made a covenant with my eyes. How then could I gaze with desire at a virgin?

Young's Literal Translation
A covenant I made for mine eyes, And what—do I attend to a virgin?

King James Bible
I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?

I have made
כָּרַ֣תִּי (kā·rat·tî)
Verb - Qal - Perfect - first person common singular
Strong's 3772: To cut, to destroy, consume, to covenant

a covenant
בְּ֭רִית (bə·rîṯ)
Noun - feminine singular
Strong's 1285: A covenant

with my eyes.
לְעֵינָ֑י (lə·‘ê·nāy)
Preposition-l | Noun - cdc | first person common singular
Strong's 5869: An eye, a fountain

How then
וּמָ֥ה (ū·māh)
Conjunctive waw | Interrogative
Strong's 4100: What?, what!, indefinitely what

could I gaze [with desire]
אֶ֝תְבּוֹנֵ֗ן (’eṯ·bō·w·nên)
Verb - Hitpael - Imperfect - first person common singular
Strong's 995: To separate mentally, understand

עַל־ (‘al-)
Strong's 5921: Above, over, upon, against

a virgin?
בְּתוּלָֽה׃ (bə·ṯū·lāh)
Noun - feminine singular
Strong's 1330: A virgin, sometimes, a bride


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