Proverbs 31:10
Parallel Strong's
Berean Study Bible
A wife of noble character, who can find? She is far more precious than rubies.

Young's Literal Translation
A woman of worth who doth find? Yea, far above rubies [is] her price.

King James Bible
Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price [is] far above rubies.

מִ֣י (mî)
Strong's 4310: Who?, whoever, in oblique construction with prefix, suffix

can find
יִמְצָ֑א (yim·ṣā)
Verb - Qal - Imperfect - third person masculine singular
Strong's 4672: To come forth to, appear, exist, to attain, find, acquire, to occur, meet, be present

a wife
אֵֽשֶׁת־ (’ê·šeṯ-)
Noun - feminine singular construct
Strong's 802: Woman, wife, female

of noble character?
חַ֭יִל (ḥa·yil)
Noun - masculine singular
Strong's 2428: A force, an army, wealth, virtue, valor, strength

She is far
וְרָחֹ֖ק (wə·rā·ḥōq)
Conjunctive waw | Adjective - masculine singular
Strong's 7350: Remote, of place, time, precious

more precious
מִכְרָֽהּ׃ (miḵ·rāh)
Noun - masculine singular construct | third person feminine singular
Strong's 4377: Merchandise, value

than rubies.
מִפְּנִינִ֣ים (mip·pə·nî·nîm)
Preposition-m | Noun - feminine plural
Strong's 6443: A pearl


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