Psalm 78:33
Parallel Strong's
Berean Study Bible
So He ended their days in futility, and their years in sudden terror.

Young's Literal Translation
And He consumeth in vanity their days, And their years in trouble.

King James Bible
Therefore their days did he consume in vanity, and their years in trouble.

So He ended
וַיְכַל־ (way·ḵal-)
Conjunctive waw | Verb - Piel - Consecutive imperfect - third person masculine singular
Strong's 3615: To be complete, at an end, finished, accomplished, or spent

their days
יְמֵיהֶ֑ם (yə·mê·hem)
Noun - masculine plural construct | third person masculine plural
Strong's 3117: A day

in futility,
בַּהֶ֥בֶל (ba·he·ḇel)
Preposition-b, Article | Noun - masculine singular
Strong's 1892: Emptiness, vanity, transitory, unsatisfactory

and their years
וּ֝שְׁנוֹתָ֗ם (ū·šə·nō·w·ṯām)
Conjunctive waw | Noun - feminine plural construct | third person masculine plural
Strong's 8141: A year

in sudden terror.
בַּבֶּהָלָֽה׃ (bab·be·hā·lāh)
Preposition-b, Article | Noun - feminine singular
Strong's 928: Dismay, sudden terror or ruin


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