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... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) A hard brittle cake or biscuit. Int. Standard
Bible Encyclopedia. CRACKNEL. krak'nel: Occurs in 1 Kings ...
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Cracknels (1 Occurrence)

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Crackling (2 Occurrences)

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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

krak'nel: Occurs in 1 Kings 14:3, where Jeroboam bids his wife go to Abijah to inquire concerning their son: "And take with thee ten loaves and cracknels" (King James Version margins "cakes," the English Revised Version "cracknels," the American Standard Revised Version "cakes"). The Hebrew word is niqquddim, from naqadh, "to prick" or "mark"; most probably cakes with holes pricked in them like our biscuits.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(n.) A hard brittle cake or biscuit.
Strong's Hebrew
5350. niqqud -- perhaps what is crumbled or easily crumbles ...
... Crumb, Biscuit. From the same as naqod; a crumb (as broken to spots); also a biscuit
(as pricked) -- cracknel, mouldy. see HEBREW naqod. << 5349, 5350. ...
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