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En-gedi (6 Occurrences)

Joshua 15:62 and Nibshan, and the City of Salt, and En-gedi; six cities with their villages. (ASV BBE DBY JPS WBS YLT)

1 Samuel 23:29 And David went up from thence, and dwelt in the strongholds of En-gedi. (ASV BBE JPS WBS YLT)

1 Samuel 24:1 And it came to pass, when Saul was returned from following the Philistines, that it was told him, saying, Behold, David is in the wilderness of En-gedi. (ASV BBE JPS WBS YLT)

2 Chronicles 20:2 Then there came some that told Jehoshaphat, saying, There cometh a great multitude against thee from beyond the sea from Syria; and, behold, they are in Hazazon-tamar ( the same is En-gedi ). (ASV BBE JPS WBS YLT)

Song of Songs 1:14 My beloved is unto me as a cluster of henna-flowers In the vineyards of En-gedi. (ASV BBE JPS WBS YLT)

Ezekiel 47:10 And it shall come to pass, that fishers shall stand by it: from En-gedi even unto En-eglaim shall be a place for the spreading of nets; their fish shall be after their kinds, as the fish of the great sea, exceeding many. (ASV BBE DBY JPS WBS YLT)

En-gedi (6 Occurrences)
En-gedi. << Engedi, En-gedi. Enge'di >>. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia EN-GEDI. ...
(ASV BBE DBY JPS WBS YLT). << Engedi, En-gedi. Enge'di >>. Reference Bible.
/e/en-gedi.htm - 10k

Engedi (6 Occurrences)
... It was at first called Hazezon-tamar (Genesis 14:7), a city of the Amorites. The
vineyards of Engedi were celebrated in Solomon's time (Cant. ...EN-GEDI. ...
/e/engedi.htm - 11k

Gedi (6 Occurrences)
... Gedi (6 Occurrences). Joshua 15:62 Nibshan, the City of Salt, and EnGedi; six cities
with their villages. (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS NIV). ...
/g/gedi.htm - 8k

En (19 Occurrences)
... It occurs in numerous compound words, as EN-GEDI, EN-HADDAH, EN-HAKKORE,
/e/en.htm - 14k

En-ge'di (5 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance En-ge'di (5 Occurrences). Joshua 15:62 and Nibshan, and
the City of Salt, and En-gedi; six cities with their villages. (See RSV). ...
/e/en-ge&#39;di.htm - 7k

Ziz (1 Occurrence)
... Projecting; a flower, a cleft or pass, probably that near En-gedi, which leads up
from the Dead Sea (2 Chronicles 20:16) in the direction of Tekoa; now Tell ...
/z/ziz.htm - 7k

Ascent (32 Occurrences)
... ziz (ma`aleh ha-tsits; Hasae, Hasisa): A pass in the wilderness of Judea (2 Chronicles
20:16) leading from Hazazon-tamar (En-gedi, 2 Chronicles 20:2). This is ...
/a/ascent.htm - 21k

Vine (76 Occurrences)
... 23). The vineyards of En-gedi (Cant. 1:14), Heshbon, Sibmah, Jazer, Elealeh
(Isaiah 16:8-10; Jeremiah 48:32, 34), and Helbon (Ezek. ...
/v/vine.htm - 46k

Nibshan (1 Occurrence)
... a city somewhere "in the wilderness" of Judah (Joshua 15:62), probably near Engedi. ...
Joshua 15:62 Nibshan, the City of Salt, and EnGedi; six cities with their ...
/n/nibshan.htm - 7k

Eneglaim (1 Occurrence)
... The situation must be near the entrance of the Jordan into the Dead Sea (see
EN-GEDI). ... come to pass, that the fishers shall stand upon it from Engedi even unto ...
/e/eneglaim.htm - 7k

Hitchcock's Bible Names

eye, or fountain, of the goat, or of happiness

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

en'-ge-di, en-ge'-di (`en gedhi, "fountain of the kid"):

Identical with the present Ain Jidi. According to 2 Chronicles 20:2 it is the same as Hazazon-tamar, mentioned in Genesis 14:7 as occupied by the Amorites and as having been attacked by Chedorlaomer after leaving Kadesh and El Paran on his way to the Vale of Siddim. The place is situated upon the West shore of the Dead Sea about midway between the North and the South ends, and was included in the territory of Judah (Joshua 15:62). The spot is rendered attractive by the verdure clothing it by reason of immense fountains of warm water, 80 degrees F., which pour out from beneath the limestone cliffs.

In the time of Solomon (Songs 1:14) palms and vines were cultivated here. Josephus also mentions its beautiful palm groves.

In the time of Eusebius it was still a place of importance, but since the Middle Ages it has been almost deserted, being occupied now only by a few Arabs. The oasis occupies a small area a few hundred feet above the Dead Sea marked by the 650 ft. sedimentary terrace heretofore described (see DEAD SEA). The limestone borders rise so abruptly to a height of 2,000 ft. immediately on the West, that the place can be approached only by a rock-cut path. Two streams, Wady Sugeir and Wady el-Areyeh, descend on either side through precipitous rocky gorges from the uninhabitable wilderness separating it from Bethlehem and Hebron. It was in the caves opening out from the sides of these gorges that David took refuge from Saul (1 Samuel 24:1). During the reign of Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20:2), the children of Ammon, Moab and Mt. Seir attempted to invade Judah by way of En-gedi, but were easily defeated as they came up from the gorges to occupy the advantageous field of battle chosen by Jehoshaphat.

George Frederick Wright

Strong's Hebrew
5872. En Gedi -- "spring of a kid," a place on W. shore of the ...
... Word Origin from ayin and gedi Definition "spring of a kid," a place on W.
shore of the Dead Sea NASB Word Usage Engedi (6). En-gedi. ...
/hebrew/5872.htm - 6k


En-Gedi: A City Allotted to the Tribe of Judah

En-Gedi: Built by the Amorites

En-Gedi: Cave of

En-Gedi: David Uses As a Stronghold

En-Gedi: Famous for Its Vineyards

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