4118. pleistos
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pleistos: most, very great, much.
Original Word: πλεῖστος, η, ον
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: pleistos
Phonetic Spelling: (plice'-tos)
Short Definition: the greatest, the most
Definition: the greatest, the most, very great.

HELPS word-Studies

4118 pleístos – the superlative ("-est") form of 4183 /polýs ("great in number") – literally, "greatest in quantity" (number). 4118 /pleístos ("very many," "very much") means very numerous (great in number).

Example: Mt 11:20: "very many (4118 /pleístos) powerful acts" – "Literally, 'His very many mighty works' – if elative, as it is usually in the papyri (Moulton, Prolegomena, 79; Robertson, Grammar, 670)" (WP, 1, 90).

[The Greek superlative is used here meaning "very many mighty works" (R, WP).]

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
superl. of polus, q.v.
STRONGS NT 4118: πλεῖστος

πλεῖστος, πλείστῃ, πλεῖστον (superlative of πολύς), most: plural Matthew 11:20; (ὄχλος πλεῖστος, a very great multitude, Mark 4:1 T Tr WH); πλεῖστος ὄχλος, the most part of the multitude, Matthew 21:8 (Thucydides 7, 78; Plato, rep. 3, p. 397{d}; λαός, Homer, Iliad 16, 377); τό πλεῖστον, adverbially, at the most, 1 Corinthians 14:27.

most, very great, much.

Irregular superlative of polus; the largest number or very large -- very great, most.

see GREEK polus

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