1910. Hadadrimmon
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Hadadrimmon: probably a heathen god
Original Word: הֲדַדְרִמּוֹן
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Transliteration: Hadadrimmon
Phonetic Spelling: (had-ad-rim-mone')
Short Definition: Hadadrimmon

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from Hadad and Rimmon
probably a heathen god
NASB Translation
Hadadrimmon (1).

הֲדַדְרִמּוֺן proper name, of a divinity (or

proper name, of a location derived from

n.pr.divin), Hadadrimmon (=

n.pr.divin. Hadad (compare above) +

n.pr.divin. Rimmon, Rammôn, see רִמּוֺן; compare COT Zechariah 12:11 DlZK 1885, 175 & on question of name of a location or a divinity BrdZc Baudstud. i. 293 f. Hi-StZc RiHWB RSSemitic i. 392) — in simile of mourning in Jerusalem כְּמִסְמַּד הֲדַדְרִמּוֺן כְּבִקְעַת מְגִדּוֺן Zechariah 12:11; on ׳ה for ההרמונה Amos 4:3, see הרמון; & compare Hi-St Gunning.


From Hadad and Rimmown; Hadad-Rimmon, a place in Palestine -- Hadad-rimmon.

see HEBREW Hadad

see HEBREW Rimmown

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