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Offspring (186 Occurrences)

Matthew 3:7 But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming for his baptism, he said to them, "You offspring of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? (WEB ASV BBE DBY)

Matthew 12:34 You offspring of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. (WEB ASV BBE DBY)

Matthew 23:33 You serpents, you offspring of vipers, how will you escape the judgment of Gehenna? (WEB ASV BBE DBY)

Mark 12:19 "Teacher, Moses wrote to us,'If a man's brother dies, and leaves a wife behind him, and leaves no children, that his brother should take his wife, and raise up offspring for his brother.' (WEB)

Mark 12:20 There were seven brothers. The first took a wife, and dying left no offspring. (WEB BBE)

Mark 12:21 And the second took her, and at his death there were no offspring; and the third the same: (BBE)

Luke 1:35 The angel answered, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; and for this reason your holy offspring will be called 'the Son of God.' (WEY)

Luke 1:42 and uttered a loud cry of joy. "Blest among women are you," she said, "and the offspring of your body is blest! (WEY)

Luke 3:7 He said therefore to the multitudes who went out to be baptized by him, "You offspring of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? (WEB ASV BBE DBY)

John 8:33 They answered him, We are Abraham's offspring, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free? (WBS)

John 8:37 I know that ye are Abraham's offspring; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you. (WBS)

Acts 3:25 You are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying to Abraham,'In your seed will all the families of the earth be blessed.' (See NIV)

Acts 7:5 And he gave him no inheritance in it, no not so much as to set his foot on: yet he promised that he would give it to him for a possession, and to his offspring after him, when as yet he had no child. (WBS)

Acts 7:6 And God spoke on this wise, That his offspring should sojourn in a foreign land; and that they should bring them into bondage, and treat them ill four hundred years. (WBS)

Acts 13:23 Of this man's offspring hath God, according to his promise, raised up to Israel a Savior, Jesus: (WBS)

Acts 17:28 'For in him we live, and move, and have our being.' As some of your own poets have said,'For we are also his offspring.' (WEB KJV WEY ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT RSV NIV)

Acts 17:29 Being then the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Divine Nature is like gold, or silver, or stone, engraved by art and design of man. (WEB KJV WEY ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT RSV NIV)

Romans 4:13 For the promise to Abraham and to his seed that he should be heir of the world wasn't through the law, but through the righteousness of faith. (See NIV)

Romans 4:16 For this cause it is of faith, that it may be according to grace, to the end that the promise may be sure to all the seed, not to that only which is of the law, but to that also which is of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all. (See NIV)

Romans 4:18 Who in hope believed against hope, to the end that he might become a father of many nations, according to that which had been spoken, "So will your seed be." (See NIV)

Romans 9:7 Neither, because they are Abraham's seed, are they all children. But, "In Isaac will your seed be called." (See NIV)

Romans 9:8 That is, it is not the children of the flesh who are children of God, but the children of the promise are counted as a seed. (See NIV)

2 Corinthians 11:22 Are they Hebrews? so am I. Are they Israelites? so am I. Are they the offspring of Abraham? so am I. (WBS)

Galatians 3:16 Now the promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. He doesn't say, "To seeds," as of many, but as of one, "To your seed," which is Christ. (See NAS)

Galatians 3:19 What then is the law? It was added because of transgressions, until the seed should come to whom the promise has been made. It was ordained through angels by the hand of a mediator. (See RSV)

Galatians 3:29 If you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's seed and heirs according to promise. (See RSV)

Hebrews 11:18 even he to whom it was said, "In Isaac will your seed be called;" (See NIV)

1 John 2:29 If you have knowledge that he is upright, it is clear to you that everyone who does righteousness is his offspring. (BBE)

Revelation 12:17 The dragon grew angry with the woman, and went away to make war with the rest of her seed, who keep God's commandments and hold Jesus' testimony. (See RSV NIV)

Revelation 22:16 I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify these things to you for the assemblies. I am the root and the offspring of David; the Bright and Morning Star." (WEB KJV WEY ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT RSV NIV)

Genesis 3:15 I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring. He will bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel." (WEB NIV)

Genesis 4:25 Adam knew his wife again. She gave birth to a son, and named him Seth, "for God has appointed me another child instead of Abel, for Cain killed him." (See NAS)

Genesis 7:3 Also of the birds of the sky, seven and seven, male and female, to keep seed alive on the surface of all the earth. (See NAS)

Genesis 8:17 Take out with you every living thing which is with you, birds and cattle and everything which goes on the earth, so that they may have offspring and be fertile and be increased on the earth. (BBE)

Genesis 9:7 And now, be fertile and have increase; have offspring on the earth and become great in number. (BBE)

Genesis 9:9 "As for me, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and with your offspring after you, (WEB)

Genesis 10:20 All these, with their different families, languages, lands, and nations, are the offspring of Ham. (BBE)

Genesis 10:31 These, with their families and their languages and their lands and their nations, are the offspring of Shem. (BBE)

Genesis 12:7 Yahweh appeared to Abram and said, "I will give this land to your seed." He built an altar there to Yahweh, who appeared to him. (See NIV)

Genesis 13:15 for all the land which you see, I will give to you, and to your offspring forever. (WEB NIV)

Genesis 13:16 I will make your offspring as the dust of the earth, so that if a man can number the dust of the earth, then your seed may also be numbered. (WEB NIV)

Genesis 15:3 Abram said, "Behold, to me you have given no seed: and, behold, one born in my house is my heir." (See NAS RSV)

Genesis 15:5 Yahweh brought him outside, and said, "Look now toward the sky, and count the stars, if you are able to count them." He said to Abram, "So shall your seed be." (See NIV)

Genesis 17:2 And I will make an agreement between you and me, and your offspring will be greatly increased. (BBE)

Genesis 17:6 I will make you very fertile, so that nations will come from you and kings will be your offspring. (BBE)

Genesis 17:12 He who is eight days old will be circumcised among you, every male throughout your generations, he who is born in the house, or bought with money from any foreigner who is not of your seed. (See RSV NIV)

Genesis 17:16 And I will give her a blessing so that you will have a son by her: truly my blessing will be on her, and she will be the mother of nations: kings of peoples will be her offspring. (BBE)

Genesis 19:32 Come, let us give our father much wine, and we will go into his bed, so that we may have offspring by our father, (BBE RSV)

Genesis 19:34 And on the day after, the older daughter said to the younger, Last night I was with my father; let us make him take much wine this night again, and do you go to him, so that we may have offspring by our father. (BBE RSV)

Genesis 21:12 God said to Abraham, "Don't let it be grievous in your sight because of the boy, and because of your handmaid. In all that Sarah says to you, listen to her voice. For from Isaac will your seed be called. (See NIV)

Genesis 21:13 I will also make a nation of the son of the handmaid, because he is your seed." (See RSV NIV)

Genesis 21:23 Now, therefore, swear to me here by God that you will not deal falsely with me, nor with my son, nor with my son's son. But according to the kindness that I have done to you, you shall do to me, and to the land in which you have lived as a foreigner." (See NAS RSV)

Genesis 24:7 Yahweh, the God of heaven, who took me from my father's house, and from the land of my birth, who spoke to me, and who swore to me, saying,'I will give this land to your seed.' He will send his angel before you, and you shall take a wife for my son from there. (See NIV)

Genesis 24:60 They blessed Rebekah, and said to her, "Our sister, may you be the mother of thousands of ten thousands, and let your seed possess the gate of those who hate them." (See NIV)

Genesis 25:4 And from Midian came Ephah and Epher and Hanoch and Abida and Eldaah. All these were the offspring of Keturah. (BBE)

Genesis 26:4 I will multiply your seed as the stars of the sky, and will give to your seed all these lands. In your seed will all the nations of the earth be blessed, (See NIV)

Genesis 28:14 Your seed will be as the dust of the earth, and you will spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south. In you and in your seed will all the families of the earth be blessed. (See NIV)

Genesis 35:11 And God said to him, I am God, the Ruler of all: be fertile, and have increase; a nation, truly a group of nations, will come from you, and kings will be your offspring; (BBE)

Genesis 36:16 Korah, Gatam, Amalek: all these were chiefs in the land of Edom, the offspring of Eliphaz, the seed of Adah. (BBE)

Genesis 36:21 Dishon, Ezer, and Dishan: these are the chiefs of the Horites, offspring of Seir in the land of Edom. (BBE)

Genesis 38:8 Then Judah said to Onan, Go in to your brother's wife and do what it is right for a husband's brother to do; make her your wife and get offspring for your brother. (BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Genesis 38:9 But Onan, seeing that the offspring would not be his, went in to his brother's wife, but let his seed go on to the earth, so that he might not get offspring for his brother. (BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Genesis 46:6 They took their livestock, and their goods, which they had gotten in the land of Canaan, and came into Egypt-Jacob, and all his seed with him, (See RSV NIV)

Genesis 46:7 his sons, and his sons' sons with him, his daughters, and his sons' daughters, and he brought all his seed with him into Egypt. (See RSV NIV)

Genesis 46:26 All the persons who came with Jacob into Egypt, the offspring of his body, were sixty-six, without taking into account the wives of Jacob's sons. (BBE RSV)

Genesis 48:6 And any other offspring which you have after them, will be yours, and will be named after their brothers in their heritage. (BBE NAS RSV)

Exodus 1:5 All the offspring of Jacob were seventy persons: and Joseph had come to Egypt before them. (BBE RSV)

Exodus 13:2 "Sanctify to me all of the firstborn, whatever opens the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of animal. It is mine." (See NAS NIV)

Exodus 13:12 that you shall set apart to Yahweh all that opens the womb, and every firstborn which you have that comes from an animal. The males shall be Yahweh's. (See NAS NIV)

Exodus 13:13 Every firstborn of a donkey you shall redeem with a lamb; and if you will not redeem it, then you shall break its neck; and you shall redeem all the firstborn of man among your sons. (See NAS)

Exodus 13:15 And when Pharaoh made his heart hard and would not let us go, the Lord sent death on all the first sons in Egypt, of man and of beast: and so every first male who comes to birth is offered to the Lord; but for all the first of my sons I give a price. (See NAS NIV)

Exodus 34:19 "All that opens the womb is mine; and all your livestock that is male, the firstborn of cow and sheep. (See NAS NIV)

Exodus 34:20 A lamb may be given in payment for the young of an ass, but if you will not make payment for it, its neck will have to be broken. For all the first of your sons you are to make payment. No one is to come before me without an offering. (See NAS)

Leviticus 18:21 And you may not make any of your children go through the fire as an offering to Molech, and you may not put shame on the name of your God: I am the Lord. (See NAS)

Leviticus 20:2 Again, say to the children of Israel, If any man of the children of Israel, or any other man living in Israel, gives his offspring to Molech, he is certainly to be put to death: he is to be stoned by the people of the land; (BBE NAS)

Leviticus 20:3 And my face will be turned against that man, and he will be cut off from his people; because he has given his offspring to Molech, making my holy place unclean, and making my holy name common. (BBE NAS)

Leviticus 20:4 And if the people of the land do not take note of that man when he gives his offspring to Molech, and do not put him to death, (BBE NAS)

Leviticus 21:15 He shall not profane his seed among his people: for I am Yahweh who sanctifies him.'" (See NAS NIV)

Leviticus 21:17 Speak unto Aaron, saying: Whosoever he be of thy seed throughout their generations that hath a blemish, let him not approach to offer the bread of his God. (See NAS)

Leviticus 21:21 No man of the offspring of Aaron whose body is damaged in any way may come near to give the fire offerings of the Lord: he is damaged, he may not come near to make the offerings. (BBE)

Numbers 3:12 "Behold, I have taken the Levites from among the children of Israel instead of all the firstborn who open the womb among the children of Israel; and the Levites shall be mine: (See NIV)

Numbers 5:28 But if she is clean she will be free and will have offspring. (BBE)

Numbers 8:16 For they are wholly given to me from among the children of Israel; instead of all who open the womb, even the firstborn of all the children of Israel, I have taken them to me. (See NIV)

Numbers 13:33 There we saw those great men, the sons of Anak, offspring of the Nephilim: and we seemed to ourselves no more than insects, and so we seemed to them. (BBE)

Numbers 18:19 All the heave-offerings of the holy things, which the children of Israel offer unto the LORD, have I given thee, and thy sons and thy daughters with thee, as a due for ever; it is an everlasting covenant of salt before the LORD unto thee and to thy seed with thee.' (See RSV NIV)

Deuteronomy 7:13 And he will give you his love, blessing you and increasing you: he will send his blessing on the offspring of your body and the fruit of your land, your grain and your wine and your oil, the increase of your cattle and the young of your flock, in the land which by his oath to your fathers he undertook to give you. (BBE DBY)

Deuteronomy 7:14 You will have greater blessings than any other people: no male or female among you or among your cattle will be without offspring. (BBE)

Deuteronomy 28:4 Blessed shall be the fruit of thy womb, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the offspring of thy kine, and the increase of thy sheep. (DBY NAS)

Deuteronomy 28:11 Yahweh will make you plenteous for good, in the fruit of your body, and in the fruit of your livestock, and in the fruit of your ground, in the land which Yahweh swore to your fathers to give you. (See NAS)

Deuteronomy 28:18 Cursed shall be the fruit of thy womb, and the fruit of thy ground, the offspring of thy kine, and the increase of thy sheep. (DBY NAS)

Deuteronomy 28:51 and he shall eat the fruit of thy cattle, and the fruit of thy ground, until thou be destroyed; for he shall not leave thee corn, new wine, or oil, offspring of thy kine, or increase of thy sheep, until he have destroyed thee. (DBY NAS RSV)

Deuteronomy 28:53 You shall eat the fruit of your own body, the flesh of your sons and of your daughters, whom Yahweh your God has given you, in the siege and in the distress with which your enemies shall distress you. (See NAS RSV)

Deuteronomy 28:57 And towards her young one, her own offspring, and towards her children which she shall bear: for she shall eat them for want of all things secretly in the siege and straitness with which thy enemy shall distress thee in thy gates. (WBS)

Deuteronomy 28:59 then Yahweh will make your plagues wonderful, and the plagues of your seed, even great plagues, and of long continuance, and sore sicknesses, and of long continuance. (See RSV)

Deuteronomy 30:6 Yahweh your God will circumcise your heart, and the heart of your seed, to love Yahweh your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, that you may live. (See RSV)

Deuteronomy 30:9 Yahweh your God will make you plenteous in all the work of your hand, in the fruit of your body, and in the fruit of your livestock, and in the fruit of your ground, for good: for Yahweh will again rejoice over you for good, as he rejoiced over your fathers; (See NAS)

Joshua 24:3 And I took your father Abraham from the other side of the River, guiding him through all the land of Canaan; I made his offspring great in number, and gave him Isaac. (BBE RSV)

Judges 8:30 Gideon had seventy sons, the offspring of his body; for he had a number of wives. (BBE DBY RSV)

Judges 21:17 And they said, How is the rest of Benjamin to be given offspring so that one tribe of Israel may not be put out of existence, (BBE)

Ruth 4:12 May your family be like the family of Perez, the son whom Tamar gave to Judah, from the offspring which the Lord may give you by this young woman. (BBE NAS NIV)


Offspring (186 Occurrences)
... & pl.) Origin; lineage; family. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. OFFSPRING.
of'-spring. See CHILDREN. Multi-Version Concordance Offspring (186 Occurrences). ...
/o/offspring.htm - 36k

Offspring's (1 Occurrence)
... Multi-Version Concordance Offspring's (1 Occurrence). Isaiah 59:21 And as
for me, this is my agreement with them, says the Lord: my ...
/o/offspring's.htm - 6k

Vipers (10 Occurrences)
... Matthew 3:7 But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming for his baptism,
he said to them, "You offspring of vipers, who warned you to flee from ...
/v/vipers.htm - 9k

Snakes (25 Occurrences)
... Matthew 3:7 But when he saw a number of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his
baptism, he said to them, Offspring of snakes, at whose word are you going in ...
/s/snakes.htm - 13k

Rephaim (32 Occurrences)
... 2 Samuel 21:16 And there came against David one of the offspring of the Rephaim,
whose spear was three hundred shekels of brass in weight, and having a new ...
/r/rephaim.htm - 21k

Increase (184 Occurrences)
... 7. (vi) Progeny; issue; offspring. ... (BBE NIV). Genesis 9:7 And now, be fertile and
have increase; have offspring on the earth and become great in number. ...
/i/increase.htm - 40k

Bastard (2 Occurrences)
... Old Testament the rendering of the Hebrew word mamzer', which means "polluted."
In Deuteronomy 23:2, it occurs in the ordinary sense of illegitimate offspring. ...
/b/bastard.htm - 9k

Fertile (55 Occurrences)
... 8:17 Take out with you every living thing which is with you, birds and cattle and
everything which goes on the earth, so that they may have offspring and be ...
/f/fertile.htm - 23k

O (1414 Occurrences)
... Matthew 3:7 But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming for his baptism,
he said to them, "You offspring of vipers, who warned you to flee from ...
/o/o.htm - 37k

Descendants (326 Occurrences)
... (WEY). Genesis 9:9 "As for me, behold, I establish my covenant with you, and
with your offspring after you, (See NAS RSV NIV). Genesis ...
/d/descendants.htm - 35k

1085. genos -- family, offspring
... family, offspring. Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter Transliteration: genos Phonetic
Spelling: (ghen'-os) Short Definition: offspring, family, race, kind Definition ...
/greek/1085.htm - 6k

1081. gennema -- offspring
... offspring. Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter Transliteration: gennema Phonetic Spelling:
(ghen'-nay-mah) Short Definition: offspring, child, fruit Definition ...
/greek/1081.htm - 6k

5052. telesphoreo -- to bring fruit to perfection, hence to bear ...
... to bring fruit to perfection, hence to bear perfect offspring. Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: telesphoreo Phonetic Spelling: (tel-es-for-eh'-o) Short ...
/greek/5052.htm - 7k

4690. sperma -- that which is sown, ie seed
... that which is sown, ie seed. Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter Transliteration: sperma
Phonetic Spelling: (sper'-mah) Short Definition: seed, offspring Definition: ( ...
/greek/4690.htm - 6k

4773. suggenes -- congenital, hence akin to, subst. a kinsman ...
... 4773 (from 4862 , "identified " and 1085 , "offspring") -- properly, offspring,
a relation; a relative, kinsman (of the same stock). relative, kinsman, cousin ...
/greek/4773.htm - 7k

1080. gennao -- to beget, to bring forth
... give birth to. 1080 -- properly, beget (procreate a descendant), produce
offspring; (passive) be born, "begotten.". Word Origin from ...
/greek/1080.htm - 9k

4416a. prototokos -- first-born
... Word Origin from protos and tokos (childbirth, offspring); from tikto Definition
first-born NASB Word Usage firstborn (8). << 4416, 4416a. prototokos. 4416b >>. ...
/greek/4416a.htm - 5k

1103. gnesios -- lawfully begotten, genuine
... 1103 (from 1085/, "offspring, birth") -- properly, true to (proper ); (figuratively)
"" because (totally legitimate); , ; sincere because . ...
/greek/1103.htm - 7k

3439. monogenes -- only begotten
... 3439 (from 3411 , "one-and-only" and 1085 , "offspring, stock") -- properly, ;
"one of a kind" -- literally, "one () of a class, " (the of its kind). ...
/greek/3439.htm - 7k

5041. teknogoneo -- to beget children
... Word Origin from a comp. of teknon and gonos (offspring, child) Definition to
beget children NASB Word Usage bear children (1). bear children. ...
/greek/5041.htm - 6k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia



Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n. sing. & pl.) The act of production; generation.

2. (n. sing. & pl.) That which is produced; a child or children; a descendant or descendants, however remote from the stock.

3. (n. sing. & pl.) Origin; lineage; family.

Strong's Hebrew
6631. tseetsa -- issue, offspring, produce
... << 6630, 6631. tseetsa. 6632 >>. issue, offspring, produce. Transliteration: tseetsa
Phonetic Spelling: (tseh-ets-aw') Short Definition: offspring. ...
/hebrew/6631.htm - 6k

2233. zera -- a sowing, seed, offspring
... << 2232, 2233. zera. 2234 >>. a sowing, seed, offspring. Transliteration: zera
Phonetic Spelling: (zeh'-rah) Short Definition: descendants. ...
/hebrew/2233.htm - 6k

4138. moledeth -- kindred, birth, offspring
... << 4137, 4138. moledeth. 4139 >>. kindred, birth, offspring. Transliteration: moledeth
Phonetic Spelling: (mo-leh'-deth) Short Definition: birth. ...
/hebrew/4138.htm - 6k

5209. nin -- offspring, posterity
... << 5208, 5209. nin. 5210 >>. offspring, posterity. Transliteration: nin Phonetic
Spelling: (neen) Short Definition: offspring. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/5209.htm - 6k

7698. sheger -- offspring, young (of beasts)
... << 7697, 7698. sheger. 7699 >>. offspring, young (of beasts). Transliteration: sheger
Phonetic Spelling: (sheh'-ger) Short Definition: increase. ...
/hebrew/7698.htm - 6k

7909b. shakul -- bereaved, robbed of offspring
... << 7909a, 7909b. shakul. 7910 >>. bereaved, robbed of offspring. Transliteration:
shakul Short Definition: cubs. Word Origin from shakol ...
/hebrew/7909b.htm - 5k

2056. valad -- offspring, child
... << 2055, 2056. valad. 2057 >>. offspring, child. Transliteration: valad Phonetic
Spelling: (vaw-lawd') Short Definition: child. Word ...
/hebrew/2056.htm - 6k

6363a. peter -- that which separates or first opens
... << 6363, 6363a. peter. 6363b >>. that which separates or first opens.
Transliteration: peter Short Definition: offspring. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/6363a.htm - 5k

3329. yatsi -- coming forth
... Offspring. From yatsa'; issue, ie Offspring -- those that came forth. see HEBREW
yatsa'. << 3328, 3329. yatsi. 3330 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/3329.htm - 6k

5220. neked -- progeny, posterity
... nephew, son's son. From an unused root meaning to propagate; offspring -- nephew,
son's son. << 5219, 5220. neked. 5221 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/5220.htm - 5k



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