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Scales (33 Occurrences)

Acts 9:18 Immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and he received his sight. He arose and was baptized. (WEB KJV WEY ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Revelation 6:5 And when the third stamp was undone, the voice of the third beast came to my ears, saying, Come and see. And I saw a black horse; and he who was seated on it had scales in his hand. (BBE NAS NIV)

Revelation 9:9 They had breastplates, like breastplates of iron. The sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots, or of many horses rushing to war. (See RSV)

Leviticus 11:9 "'These you may eat of all that are in the waters: whatever has fins and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, that you may eat. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Leviticus 11:10 All that don't have fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all that move in the waters, and of all the living creatures that are in the waters, they are an abomination to you, (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Leviticus 11:12 Whatever has no fins nor scales in the waters, that is an abomination to you. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Leviticus 19:36 Have true scales, true weights and measures for all things: I am the Lord your God, who took you out of the land of Egypt; (BBE NIV)

Deuteronomy 14:9 These you may eat of all that are in the waters: whatever has fins and scales may you eat; (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Deuteronomy 14:10 and whatever doesn't have fins and scales you shall not eat; it is unclean to you. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

1 Samuel 17:5 And he had a helmet of bronze upon his head, and he was clothed with a corselet of scales; and the weight of the corselet was five thousand shekels of bronze. (DBY)

Ezra 8:29 Take care of them and keep them, till you put them on the scales before the chiefs of the priests and the Levites and the chiefs of the families of Israel, in Jerusalem, in the rooms of the house of the Lord. (BBE)

Job 6:2 If only my passion might be measured, and put into the scales against my trouble! (BBE NIV)

Job 31:6 (Let me be measured in upright scales, and let God see my righteousness:) (BBE NAS NIV)

Job 41:15 Strong scales are his pride, shut up together with a close seal. (WEB KJV JPS ASV WBS NAS)

Psalms 26:2 Put me in the scales, O Lord, so that I may be tested; let the fire make clean my thoughts and my heart. (BBE)

Psalms 62:9 Truly men of low birth are nothing, and men of high position are not what they seem; if they are put in the scales together they are less than a breath. (BBE)

Proverbs 5:21 For a man's ways are before the eyes of the Lord, and he puts all his goings in the scales. (BBE)

Proverbs 11:1 Scales of deceit are hated by the Lord, but a true weight is his delight. (BBE NIV)

Proverbs 16:2 All a man's ways are clean to himself; but the Lord puts men's spirits into his scales. (BBE)

Proverbs 16:11 Honest balances and scales are Yahweh's; all the weights in the bag are his work. (WEB JPS ASV BBE DBY NAS RSV NIV)

Proverbs 20:23 Yahweh detests differing weights, and dishonest scales are not pleasing. (WEB BBE RSV NIV)

Proverbs 21:22 A wise man scales the city of the mighty, and brings down the strength of its confidence. (WEB NAS RSV)

Isaiah 40:12 Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and marked off the sky with his span, and calculated the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance? (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Isaiah 40:15 See, the nations are to him like a drop hanging from a bucket, and like the small dust in the scales: he takes up the islands like small dust. (BBE DBY NAS RSV NIV)

Isaiah 46:6 As for those who take gold out of a bag, and put silver in the scales, they give payment to a gold-worker, to make it into a god; they go down on their faces and give it worship. (BBE

Jeremiah 32:10 And I put it in writing, stamping it with my stamp, and I took witnesses and put the money into the scales. (BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Ezekiel 5:1 And you, son of man, take a sharp sword, using it like a haircutter's blade, and making it go over your head and the hair of your chin: and take scales for separating the hair by weight. (BBE YLT NAS NIV)

Ezekiel 29:4 I will put hooks in your jaws, and I will make the fish of your rivers stick to your scales; and I will bring you up out of the midst of your rivers, with all the fish of your rivers which stick to your scales. (WEB KJV JPS ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Ezekiel 45:10 Have true scales and a true ephah and a true bath. (BBE NIV)

Daniel 5:27 Tekel; you have been put in the scales and seen to be under weight. (BBE NAS NIV)

Hosea 12:7 A merchant has dishonest scales in his hand. He loves to defraud. (WEB BBE NIV)

Amos 8:5 Saying, When will the new moon be gone, so that we may do trade in grain? and the Sabbath, so that we may put out in the market the produce of our fields? making the measure small and the price great, and trading falsely with scales of deceit; (BBE NAS NIV)

Micah 6:11 Shall I be pure with dishonest scales, and with a bag of deceitful weights? (WEB BBE NAS RSV NIV)

Scales (33 Occurrences)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia SCALES. skalz (1) qasqeseth "fish-scales";
(2) meghinnah, maghen, "scales of the crocodile"; (3) lepis ...
/s/scales.htm - 18k

Fins (5 Occurrences)
... Leviticus 11:9 "'These you may eat of all that are in the waters: whatever has fins
and scales in the waters, in the seas, and in the rivers, that you may eat. ...
/f/fins.htm - 7k

Balance (12 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) Equipoise between the weights in opposite scales. ... 19. (vi) To have equal
weight on each side; to be in equipoise; as, the scales balance. 20. ...
/b/balance.htm - 18k

Scaly (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (a.) Covered or abounding with scales; as, a
scaly fish. 2. (a.) Resembling scales, laminae, or layers. ...
/s/scaly.htm - 7k

Scaled (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (imp. & pp) of Scale. 2. (a.) Covered with scales,
or scale like structures; -- said of a fish, a reptile, a moth, etc. ...
/s/scaled.htm - 7k

Dishonest (33 Occurrences)
... (YLT). Proverbs 11:1 Scales of deceit are hated by the Lord, but a true weight is
his delight. ... (DBY YLT). Hosea 12:7 A merchant has dishonest scales in his hand. ...
/d/dishonest.htm - 16k

Detestable (121 Occurrences)
... in the Scriptures to that which is ceremonially unclean (Leviticus 7:21), creatures
forbidden as food, as water animals without fins or scales in Leviticus 11 ...
/d/detestable.htm - 39k

Mail (11 Occurrences)
... "a corselet of scales," a cuirass formed of ... 7. (n.) Any hard protective covering
of an animal, as the scales and plates of reptiles, shell of a lobster, etc. ...
/m/mail.htm - 11k

Scale (38 Occurrences)
... 8. (n.) A small appendage like a rudimentary leaf, resembling the scales of a fish
in form, and often in arrangement; as, the scale of a bud, of a pine cone ...
/s/scale.htm - 22k

Measured (91 Occurrences)
... Binnui, the Levites; (BBE). Job 6:2 If only my passion might be measured,
and put into the scales against my trouble! (BBE). Job 7:4 ...
/m/measured.htm - 35k

2218. zugos -- a yoke
... yoke. Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration: zugos Phonetic Spelling:
(dzoo-gos') Short Definition: a yoke, heavy burden, pair of scales Definition: a ...
/greek/2218.htm - 7k

3013. lepis -- a scale (of a fish)
... Word Origin from lepo (to peel) Definition a scale (of a fish) NASB Word Usage
scales (1). fish scale. From lepo (to peel); a flake -- scale. ...
/greek/3013.htm - 6k

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia


(1) qasqeseth "fish-scales";

(2) meghinnah, maghen, "scales of the crocodile";

(3) lepis, with verb lepizo "scale away" (Tobit 3:17; 11:13)):

(1) The first Hebrew word qasqeseth means the imbricated scales of fish, which together with the dorsal fin were a distinguishing mark of all fish allowed as food to the Israelite (Leviticus 11:9 Deuteronomy 14:9 f). In the figurative sense the word is used of a coat of mail (1 Samuel 17:5, 38).

(2) Meghinnah from maghen, literally, "a buckler" or "small shield" (2 Chronicles 23:9 Jeremiah 46:3), is used in the description of the crocodile (see LEVIATHAN) for the horny scales or scutes imbedded in the skin, not imbricated upon it (Job 41:15 (Hebrew verse 7)).

(3) The Greek lepis, which in classical language has a much wider range of meaning than the above Hebrew words ("rind," "husk," "shell," "fish-scale," "scale of snake," "flake of metal and of snow," etc.), is found in the New Testament description of Paul's recovery from temporary blindness, "And straightway there fell from his eyes as it were scales, and he received his sight" (Acts 9:18).

There is nothing in the words of the sacred text which compels us to think of literal scales. (In Tobit, however, a literal flaking-off of foreign substance is meant.) We have here rather a description of the sensation which terminated the three days' period of blindness which the apostle suffered after his meeting with the risen Lord on the road to Damascus. The apostle himself does not use this expression in his own graphic description of the same experience: "In that very hour I looked upon him" (Acts 22:13). The phrase has, however, come into English, for we speak of "scales falling from one's eyes" when we mean a sudden illumination or remembrance or a dissipation of harassing doubt.

In Isaiah 40:12; the Revised Version (British and American) Proverbs 16:11 for peles, in the sense of "instrument for weighing."


H. L. E. Luering

Strong's Hebrew
3976. mozen -- balances, scales
... << 3975b, 3976. mozen. 3977 >>. balances, scales. Transliteration: mozen
Phonetic Spelling: (mo-zane') Short Definition: scales. Word ...
/hebrew/3976.htm - 6k

3977. mozanya -- a scale, balance
... << 3976, 3977. mozanya. 3978 >>. a scale, balance. Transliteration: mozanya
Phonetic Spelling: (mo-zane') Short Definition: scales. Word ...
/hebrew/3977.htm - 6k

7193. qasqeseth -- scale (of fish)
... << 7192, 7193. qasqeseth. 7194 >>. scale (of fish). Transliteration: qasqeseth
Phonetic Spelling: (kas-keh'-seth) Short Definition: scales. ...
/hebrew/7193.htm - 6k

6425. peles -- a balance, scale
... Word Origin of uncertain derivation Definition a balance, scale NASB Word Usage
balance (2). scales, weight. From palac; a balance -- scales, weight. ...
/hebrew/6425.htm - 6k

5927. alah -- to go up, ascend, climb
... 2), raised (1), raises (1), reached (1), reaches (1), recorded (1), restore (1),
restored (1), rise (10), rises (7), rising (1), rose (4), scales (1), set (1 ...
/hebrew/5927.htm - 8k

4043. magen -- a shield
... Word Origin from ganan Definition a shield NASB Word Usage armed (2), buckler (1),
large (1), rulers (1), scales (1), shield (41), shields (16). ...
/hebrew/4043.htm - 6k

239. azan -- to weigh, test, prove
... ponder. A primitive root (rather identical with 'azan through the idea of scales
as if two ears); to weigh, ie (figuratively) ponder -- give good head. ...
/hebrew/239.htm - 6k



Scales: Fell from Paul's Eyes

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