Ezekiel 25:9
Parallel Strong's
Berean Study Bible
therefore I will indeed expose the flank of Moab beginning with its frontier cities— Beth-jeshimoth, Baal-meon, and Kiriathaim— the glory of the land.

Young's Literal Translation
Therefore, lo, I am opening the shoulder of Moab—From the cities—from his cities—from his frontier, The beauty of the land, Beth-Jeshimoth, Baal-Meon, and Kiriathaim,

King James Bible
Therefore, behold, I will open the side of Moab from the cities, from his cities [which are] on his frontiers, the glory of the country, Bethjeshimoth, Baalmeon, and Kiriathaim,

לָכֵן֩ (lā·ḵên)
Strong's 3651: So -- thus

I will indeed
הִנְנִ֨י (hin·nî)
Interjection | first person common singular
Strong's 2005: Lo! behold!

פֹתֵ֜חַ (p̄ō·ṯê·aḥ)
Verb - Qal - Participle - masculine singular
Strong's 6605: To open wide, to loosen, begin, plough, carve

the flank
כֶּ֤תֶף (ke·ṯep̄)
Noun - feminine singular construct
Strong's 3802: The shoulder, side-piece, lateral projection of anything

of Moab
מוֹאָב֙ (mō·w·’āḇ)
Noun - proper - feminine singular
Strong's 4124: Moab -- a son of Lot,also his descendants and the territory where they settled

beginning with its frontier
מִקָּצֵ֑הוּ (miq·qā·ṣê·hū)
Preposition-m | Noun - masculine singular construct | third person masculine singular
Strong's 7097: End, extremity

מֵהֶ֣עָרִ֔ים (mê·he·‘ā·rîm)
Preposition-m, Article | Noun - feminine plural
Strong's 5892: Excitement

הַיְשִׁימֹ֔ת (hay·šî·mōṯ)
Noun - proper - feminine singular
Strong's 1020: Beth-jeshimoth -- 'place of the desert', a place East of the Jordan in Moab

מְע֖וֹן (mə·‘ō·wn)
Noun - proper - feminine singular
Strong's 1186: Baal-meon -- 'Baal of (the) habitation', a place East of the Jordan

and Kiriathaim—
וְקִרְיָתָֽיְמָה׃ (wə·qir·yā·ṯā·yə·māh)
Conjunctive waw | Noun - proper - feminine singular | third person feminine singular
Strong's 7156: Kiriathaim -- a city in Moab, also a place in Naphtali

the glory
צְבִ֗י (ṣə·ḇî)
Noun - masculine singular construct
Strong's 6643: Splendor, a gazelle

of the land.
אֶ֚רֶץ (’e·reṣ)
Noun - feminine singular
Strong's 776: Earth, land


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