3598. Kimah
Lexical Summary
Kimah: a cluster of stars
Original Word: כִּימָה
Transliteration: Kimah
Phonetic Spelling: (kee-maw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a cluster of stars
Meaning: a cluster of stars, the Pleiades
Strong's Concordance
Pleiades, seven stars

From the same as kuwmaz; a cluster of stars, i.e. The Pleiades -- Pleiades, seven stars.

see HEBREW kuwmaz


H3598. Kimah

כִּימָהnoun feminine perhaps Pleiades (see above; Late Hebrew id.; ᵑ6 כִּימָא, ᵑ7‎ ) — as made by ׳י‎, Amos 5:8 ("" כְּסִיל‎), Job 9:9 ("" תֵמָן חַדְרֵי כְּסִיל, עָשׁ,‎); and under his control, כ ׳מַעֲדַנּוֺת38:31 ("" כְּסִיל משְׁכוֺת‎). — (SternJüd. Zeitschr. f. Wissen. u. Leben. iii.((1864-65) 258 ff. Nö in SchenkelBL HoffmZAW iii. 107 ff. interpret עשׁ‎ as Pleiades, and כימה‎ as Sirius).


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