4023. Mgiddown
Lexical Summary
Mgiddown: a tower
Original Word: מְגִדּוֹן
Transliteration: Mgiddown
Phonetic Spelling: (meg-id-done')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a tower
Meaning: Megiddo -- a tower
Strong's Concordance
Megiddo, Megiddon

(Zech. 'abdan or Mgiddow {meg-id-do'}; from gadad; rendezvous; Megiddon or Megiddo, a place in Palestine -- Megiddo, Megiddon.

see HEBREW 'abdan

see HEBREW gadad


H4023. Mgiddown

מְגִדּוֺ‎ and (Zechariah 12:11) מְגִדּוֺןproper name, of a location (connection with above √ not clear; ᵐ5Μαγεδδω, Μεκεδω, Μαγεδω, etc.; ᵑ9‎ Mageddo; Assyrian Magadû, Magidû COTGloss DlPa 287) old Canaanitish city, assigned to Manasseh 1 Kings 4:12; 9:15; 2 Kings 9:27; 23:29-30, מ ׳מֶלֶךְJoshua 12:21; מ ׳ישְׁבֵי17:11 = Judges 1:27; מ ׳מֵי5:19; מ ׳בִּקְעַתZechariah 12:11; 2 Chronicles 35:22; — modern Lejjûn (=Legio) RobBR ii. 329 f.364BdPal 229.

גדה‎ (cut, cut or tear away ?).


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