575. an
Lexical Summary
an: where? whither?
Original Word: אָן
Transliteration: an
Phonetic Spelling: (awn)
Part of Speech: Adverb
Short Definition: where? whither?
Meaning: where?, whither?, when?, hither and thither
Strong's Concordance
any no whither, now, where, whithersoever

Or manah {aw-naw'}; contracted from 'aiyn; where?; hence, whither?, when?; also hither and thither -- + any (no) whither, now, where, whither(-soever).

see HEBREW 'aiyn


H575. an

אָןadverb (contracted from I. אַיִן‎) where? or whither? 1 Samuel 10:14 (compare 27:10 ᵑ7 ᵑ6‎, see below אַל‎ near the end); only besides in מֵאָןwhence? 2 Kings 5:25 Kt (Qr מֵאַיִן‎); עַדאָֿן‎ of time to what point ? how long? Job 8:2. With הlocale: אָ֫נָה‎ (a) whither ? Genesis 16:8; 32:18; 2 Samuel 2:1; 13:13; 2 Kings 6:6; Isaiah 10:3; Psalm 139:7 (twice in verse) + 9 t.; in indirect sentence Joshua 2:5; Nehemiah 2:16; (b) = where ? Ruth 2:19 (c) in the phrase וָאָ֫נָה אָ֫נֶהany whither 1 Kings 2:36, 42; 2 Kings 5:25; (d) of time, עַדאָֿ֫נָהhow long? Exodus 16:28; Numbers 14:11 (twice in verse) (with לֹא‎) Joshua 18:3; Jeremiah 47:6 (followed by לֹא‎) Habakkuk 1:2; Psalm 13:2 (twice in verse); 13:3 (twice in verse); 62:4; Job 18:2; 19:2 (less common than the synonym מָתַי עַדּ‎).

אָןadverb see below אַי‎.


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