7140. qerach
Lexical Summary
qerach: frost, ice
Original Word: קֶרַח
Transliteration: qerach
Phonetic Spelling: (keh'-rakh)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: frost, ice
Meaning: ice, hail, rock crystal
Strong's Concordance
crystal, frost, ice

Or qorach {ko'-rakh}; from qarach; ice (as if bald, i.e. Smooth); hence, hail; by resemblance, rock crystal -- crystal, frost, ice.

see HEBREW qarach


H7140. qerach

קֶ֫רַחnoun masculineJob 38:29 frost, ice; — absolute ׳קGenesis 31:40 +, קָ֑רַחJob 6:16 +; suffix קַרְחוֺPsalm 147:17; —

1 frost of night (opposed to חֹרֶב‎ of day), Genesis 31:40 (E), Jeremiah 36:30.

2 ice, Job 6:16; 37:10; 38:29 ("" כְפֹרhoarfrost), ק ׳מַשְׁלִיח כְפִתִּיםPsalm 147:17 (Hup and others think of hail, but see Bae; "" קָרָהcold, כְּפוֺר שֶׁלֶג,147:16); probably also ק ׳כְּעֵיןEzekiel 1:22 (so Krae; most crystal, after ᵐ5‎).

קרִיּוֺת קִרְיַת, קִרְיָה, קְרִי,‎, etc., see קרה‎.


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