Isaiah 18:1
Parallel Strong's
Berean Study Bible
Woe to the land of whirring wings, along the rivers of Cush,

Young's Literal Translation
Ho, land shadowed [with] wings, That [is] beyond the rivers of Cush,

King James Bible
Woe to the land shadowing with wings, which [is] beyond the rivers of Ethiopia:

ה֥וֹי (hō·w)
Strong's 1945: Ah! alas! ha!

to the land
אֶ֖רֶץ (’e·reṣ)
Noun - feminine singular
Strong's 776: Earth, land

of whirring
צִלְצַ֣ל (ṣil·ṣal)
Noun - masculine singular construct
Strong's 6767: A clatter, whirring, a cricket, a harpoon, a cymbal

כְּנָפָ֑יִם (kə·nā·p̄ā·yim)
Noun - md
Strong's 3671: An edge, extremity, a wing, a flap, a quarter, a pinnacle

מֵעֵ֖בֶר (mê·‘ê·ḇer)
Preposition-m | Noun - masculine singular
Strong's 5676: A region across, on the opposite side

the rivers
לְנַֽהֲרֵי־ (lə·na·hă·rê-)
Preposition-l | Noun - masculine plural construct
Strong's 5104: A stream, prosperity

of Cush,
כֽוּשׁ׃ (ḵūš)
Noun - proper - feminine singular
Strong's 3568: A son of Ham, also his descendants, also a land in the southern Nile Valley


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