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Term (4 Occurrences)

Hebrews 6:16 For men indeed swear by a greater, and with them the oath is a term to all dispute, as making matters sure. (DBY)

2 Kings 4:16 And he said, At this appointed time, when thy term is come, thou shalt embrace a son. And she said, No, my lord, man of God, do not lie to thy handmaid. (DBY)

Esther 9:26 Wherefore they called these days Purim, after the name of pur. Therefore because of all the words of this letter, and of that which they had seen concerning this matter, and that which had come unto them, (See RSV)

Psalms 46:1 For the Chief Musician. By the sons of Korah. According to Alamoth.Alamoth is a musical term. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. (WEB)

Term (4 Occurrences)
... bound; boundary. 2. (n.) The time for which anything lasts; any limited time;
as, a term of five years; the term of life. 3. (n.) In ...
/t/term.htm - 9k

... POLYGAMY. po-lig'-a-mi: 1. Meaning of the Term 2. Origin of Polygamy 3. The Old
Testament and Polygamy 4. Polygamy Unnatural The Eunuch 5. Weakness of Polygamy ...
/p/polygamy.htm - 19k

Magistrate (9 Occurrences)
... rendered "magistrate" (Luke 12:58; Titus 3:1), means one first in power, and hence
a prince, as in Matthew 20:25, 1 Corinthians 2:6, 8. This term is used of ...
/m/magistrate.htm - 15k

... sak'-ra-ments: 1. The Term: The word "sacrament" comes from the Latin sacramentum,
which in the classical period of the language was used in two chief senses ...
/s/sacraments.htm - 19k

... Standard Bible Encyclopedia. BAPTISM (LUTHERAN DOCTRINE). I. THE TERM 1. The Derivation
2. The Meaning 3. The Application 4. Equivalent Terms II. ... I. The Term. ...
/l/lutheran.htm - 35k

... Paucity of References 2. References in Highly Poetical Passages 3. The References
Allusive 4. Possibility of Non-mythological Interpretation 5. The Term Lilith ...
/n/nightmonster.htm - 17k

... Paucity of References 2. References in Highly Poetical Passages 3. The References
Allusive 4. Possibility of Non-mythological Interpretation 5. The Term Lilith ...
/n/night-monster.htm - 17k

OF THE TERM IN THEOLOGY Original Sin, Atonement, Justification III. ...
/i/imputation.htm - 39k

... 1. Present Usage: The term "Vulgate" with us means but one thing-the standard
authoritative Bible of the Latin or Roman church, prepared mostly by the labors ...
/v/vulgate.htm - 38k

Drink (414 Occurrences)
... Originally shekhar seems to have been a general term for intoxicating drinks of
all kinds, without reference to the material out of which they were made; and ...
/d/drink.htm - 45k

444. anthropos -- a man, human, mankind
... human race. 444 -- , also the generic term for ""; the human race; people,
including and men (Mt 4:19, 12:12, etc.). 444 () relates ...
/greek/444.htm - 8k

5010. taxis -- an arranging, order
... See 5021 (). [5010 ("orderly array") was a military term in ancient Greece and ... 5010 (),
as an ancient military term, describes an ("cohort") -- descending . ...
/greek/5010.htm - 7k

3126. mamonas -- riches
... property. 3126 -- a Semitic term for "the treasure a person trusts in" (J.
Thayer) who is transliterated as ".". [3126 () is probably ...
/greek/3126.htm - 6k

4469. rhaka -- empty (an expression of contempt)
... 4469 (apparently related to the Aramaic term , "empty") -- properly, .
This term expressed contempt for a man's , viewing him as ...
/greek/4469.htm - 6k

4990. soter -- a savior, deliverer
... [4990 ("Savior") is the root of the theological term, ("the study of through Christ").
This term is also spelled "soteriology," but with the same meaning.]. ...
/greek/4990.htm - 7k

2992. laos -- the people
... 2992 (the root of the English term, "") - a , particularly used of "the
people of the Lord" (= Heb ). 2992 () is the usual term ...
/greek/2992.htm - 7k

993. Boanerges -- Boanerges, an epithet applied to the two sons of ...
... 993 -- an Aramaic term transliterated from two Semitic roots: ("sons")
and ("of thunder, tumult"; see Strong's OT #1123, 7285). ...
/greek/993.htm - 8k

1783. enteuxis -- a petition, ie spec. supplication
... Spelling: (ent'-yook-sis) Short Definition: a petition, prayer, intercession Definition:
(lit: approaching the king, hence a technical term), a petition, prayer ...
/greek/1783.htm - 8k

3056. logos -- a word (as embodying an idea), a statement, a ...
... [3056 () is a common term (used 330 times in the NT) with regards to a person
sharing a message (discourse, "communication-speech"). ...
/greek/3056.htm - 8k

2655. katanarkao -- to grow numb
... Verb Transliteration: katanarkao Phonetic Spelling: (kat-an-ar-kah'-o) Short Definition:
I burden, encumber Definition: (properly a medical term: I stupefy ...
/greek/2655.htm - 7k

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) That which limits the extent of anything; limit; extremity; bound; boundary.

2. (n.) The time for which anything lasts; any limited time; as, a term of five years; the term of life.

3. (n.) In universities, schools, etc., a definite continuous period during which instruction is regularly given to students; as, the school year is divided into three terms.

4. (n.) A point, line, or superficies, that limits; as, a line is the term of a superficies, and a superficies is the term of a solid.

5. (n.) A fixed period of time; a prescribed duration

6. (n.) The limitation of an estate; or rather, the whole time for which an estate is granted, as for the term of a life or lives, or for a term of years.

7. (n.) A space of time granted to a debtor for discharging his obligation.

8. (n.) The time in which a court is held or is open for the trial of causes.

9. (n.) The subject or the predicate of a proposition; one of the three component parts of a syllogism, each one of which is used twice.

10. (n.) A word or expression; specifically, one that has a precisely limited meaning in certain relations and uses, or is peculiar to a science, art, profession, or the like; as, a technical term.

11. (n.) A quadrangular pillar, adorned on the top with the figure of a head, as of a man, woman, or satyr; -- called also terminal figure. See Terminus, n., 2 and 3.

12. (n.) A member of a compound quantity; as, a or b in a + b; ab or cd in ab - cd.

13. (n.) The menses.

14. (n.) Propositions or promises, as in contracts, which, when assented to or accepted by another, settle the contract and bind the parties; conditions.

15. (n.) In Scotland, the time fixed for the payment of rents.

16. (n.) A piece of carved work placed under each end of the taffrail.

17. (n.) To apply a term to; to name; to call; to denominate.

Strong's Hebrew
4387. Miktam -- a technical term in psalm titles.
... << 4386, 4387. Miktam. 4388 >>. a technical term in psalm titles. ... Word Origin of
uncertain derivation Definition a technical term in psalm titles. Michtam ...
/hebrew/4387.htm - 5k

5345. neqeb -- perhaps sockets (technical term of jeweler's work)
... << 5344b, 5345. neqeb. 5346 >>. perhaps sockets (technical term of jeweler's work).
Transliteration: neqeb Phonetic Spelling: (neh'keb) Short Definition: sockets ...
/hebrew/5345.htm - 6k

1665. Gittith -- a musical term of unc. meaning.
... << 1664, 1665. Gittith. 1666 >>. a musical term of unc. meaning. ... Word Origin fem.
of Gitti Definition a musical term of unc. meaning. Gittith ...
/hebrew/1665.htm - 6k

91. Agagi -- a descriptive term for Haman
... << 90, 91. Agagi. 92 >>. a descriptive term for Haman. Transliteration: Agagi
Phonetic Spelling: (ag-aw-ghee') Short Definition: Agagite. ...
/hebrew/91.htm - 6k

6497. peqaim -- gourd (shaped) ornaments
... a semi-globe. From an unused root meaning to burst; only used as an architectural
term of an ornament similar to paqqu'ah, a semi-globe -- knop. ...
/hebrew/6497.htm - 6k

8449. tor -- turtledove
... estate. Or tor {tore}; probably the same as towr; a ring-dove, often (figuratively)
as a term of endearment -- (turtle) dove. see HEBREW towr. << 8448, 8449. ...
/hebrew/8449.htm - 6k

6235. eser -- ten
... ten, seventeen. Masculine of term aasarah {as-aw-raw'}; from asar; ten (as an
accumulation to the extent of the digits) -- ten, (fif-, seven-)teen. ...
/hebrew/6235.htm - 6k

3117. yom -- day
... hours), whether literal (from sunrise to sunset, or from one sunset to the next),
or figurative (a space of time defined by an associated term), (often used ...
/hebrew/3117.htm - 7k

559. amar -- to utter, say
... X expressly, X indeed, X intend, name, X plainly, promise, publish, report, require,
say, speak (against, of), X still, X suppose, talk, tell, term, X that is ...
/hebrew/559.htm - 7k

5646. ab -- perhaps a landing
... Or sob {obe}; from an unused root meaning to cover; properly, equivalent to ab;
but used only as an architectural term, an architrave (as shading the pillars ...
/hebrew/5646.htm - 6k



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