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Weather (5 Occurrences)

Matthew 6:19 Make no store of wealth for yourselves on earth, where it may be turned to dust by worms and weather, and where thieves may come in by force and take it away. (BBE)

Matthew 16:2 But he answered them, "When it is evening, you say,'It will be fair weather, for the sky is red.' (WEB KJV WEY ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Matthew 16:3 In the morning,'It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.' Hypocrites! You know how to discern the appearance of the sky, but you can't discern the signs of the times! (WEB KJV WEY ASV BBE WBS YLT)

Job 37:22 Fair weather cometh out of the north: with God is terrible majesty. (KJV WBS)

Proverbs 25:20 As one who takes away a garment in cold weather, or vinegar on soda, so is one who sings songs to a heavy heart. (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS)

Weather (5 Occurrences)
... calm or storm, clearness or cloudiness, or any other meteorological phenomena;
meteorological condition of the atmosphere; as, warm weather; cold weather; wet ...
/w/weather.htm - 10k

Sky (278 Occurrences)
... 4. (n.) The weather; the climate. ... Matthew 16:3 In the morning,'It will be foul
weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.' Hypocrites! ...
/s/sky.htm - 38k

Wet (25 Occurrences)
... 2. (superl.) Very damp; rainy; as, wet weather; a wet season. ... 6. (a.) Rainy weather;
foggy or misty weather. 7. (n.) A dram; a drink. 8. (imp. & pp) of Wet. ...
/w/wet.htm - 15k

Frost (9 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) The state or temperature of the air which occasions congelation,
or the freezing of water; severe cold or freezing weather. ...
/f/frost.htm - 14k

Foul (41 Occurrences)
... Not favorable; unpropitious; not fair or advantageous; as, a foul wind; a foul road;
cloudy or rainy; stormy; not fair; -- said of the weather, sky, etc. ...
/f/foul.htm - 21k

Rough (24 Occurrences)
... 11. (n.) Tempestuous; boisterous; stormy; as, rough weather; a rough day. 12. ...
13. (n.) Produced offhand. 14. (n.) Boisterous weather. 15. ...
/r/rough.htm - 15k

Cloud (119 Occurrences)
... In the Bible few references are found of particular clouds or of clouds
in connection with the phenomena of the weather conditions. ...
/c/cloud.htm - 51k

Settle (63 Occurrences)
... 8. (n.) To restore or bring to a smooth, dry, or passable condition; -- said of
the ground, of roads, and the like; as, clear weather settles the roads. ...
/s/settle.htm - 30k

Wind (180 Occurrences)
... If it is slightly Southwest, it may bring rain, but if it is due South or Southeast,
there is no rain. It is a warm wind bringing good weather. ...
/w/wind.htm - 45k

Bedstead (1 Occurrence)
... (3) We find that the poor, while sleeping for the most part in their ordinary clothing,
often, in cold weather, made their beds of the skins of animals, old ...
/b/bedstead.htm - 18k

2105. eudia -- fair weather
... fair weather. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: eudia Phonetic Spelling:
(yoo-dee'-ah) Short Definition: good weather Definition: fair weather ...
/greek/2105.htm - 6k

5494. cheimon -- winter, a storm
... Word Origin from the same as cheimazo Definition winter, a storm NASB Word
Usage storm (2), winter (4). tempest, foul weather, winter. ...
/greek/5494.htm - 6k

Topical Bible Verses
Jonah 1:4
But the LORD sent out a great wind into the sea, and there was a mighty tempest in the sea, so that the ship was like to be broken.—AKJV

Matthew 16:3
And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O you hypocrites, you can discern the face of the sky; but can you not discern the signs of the times?—AKJV

Nahum 1:3
The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD has his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.—AKJV

James 5:17-18
Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months.—AKJV

Haggai 1:11
And I called for a drought on the land, and on the mountains, and on the corn, and on the new wine, and on the oil, and on that which the ground brings forth, and on men, and on cattle, and on all the labor of the hands.—AKJV

Matthew 16:2
He answered and said to them, When it is evening, you say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.—AKJV

Luke 21:11
And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.—AKJV

Job 37:9
Out of the south comes the whirlwind: and cold out of the north.—AKJV

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

weth'-er (zahabh (Job 37:22), yom (Proverbs 25:20), translated "day"; eudia, "clear sky," cheimon, "tempest"): In the East it is not customary to talk of the weather as in the West. There seems to be no word in the Hebrew corresponding to "weather." In Job 37:22 the King James Version translates "Fair weather comes out of the north," but the Revised Version (British and American) translates more literally, "Out of the north cometh golden splendor." "As one that taketh off a garment in cold weather (or literally, "on a cold day"),.... so is he that singeth songs to a heavy heart" (Proverbs 25:20).

Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for their lack of spiritual foresight when they took such interest in natural foresight. He said, "When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the heaven is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to-day: for the heaven is red and lowering" (Matthew 16:2, 3). The general conditions of the weather in the different seasons are less variable in Palestine than in colder countries, but the precise weather for a given day is very hard to predict on account of the proximity of the mountains, the desert and the sea.

Alfred H. Joy

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) The state of the air or atmosphere with respect to heat or cold, wetness or dryness, calm or storm, clearness or cloudiness, or any other meteorological phenomena; meteorological condition of the atmosphere; as, warm weather; cold weather; wet weather; dry weather, etc.

2. (n.) Vicissitude of season; meteorological change; alternation of the state of the air.

3. (n.) Storm; tempest.

4. (n.) A light rain; a shower.

5. (v. t.) To expose to the air; to air; to season by exposure to air.

6. (v. t.) Hence, to sustain the trying effect of; to bear up against and overcome; to sustain; to endure; to resist; as, to weather the storm.

7. (v. t.) To sail or pass to the windward of; as, to weather a cape; to weather another ship.

8. (v. t.) To place (a hawk) unhooded in the open air.

9. (v. i.) To undergo or endure the action of the atmosphere; to suffer meteorological influences; sometimes, to wear away, or alter, under atmospheric influences; to suffer waste by weather.

10. (a.) Being toward the wind, or windward -- opposed to lee; as, weather bow, weather braces, weather gauge, weather lifts, weather quarter, weather shrouds, etc.

Strong's Hebrew
2091. zahab -- gold
... Word Origin of uncertain derivation Definition gold NASB Word Usage gold
(354), golden (33). golden, fair weather. From an unused ...
/hebrew/2091.htm - 6k

4372. mikseh -- a covering
... Word Origin from kasah Definition a covering NASB Word Usage covering (16). covering.
From kacah; a covering, ie Weather-boarding -- covering. see HEBREW kacah. ...
/hebrew/4372.htm - 6k

4208. mazzaloth -- constellations, perhaps signs of the zodiac
... planet. Apparently from nazal in the sense of raining; a constellation, ie Zodiacal
sign (perhaps as affecting the weather) -- planet. Compare mazzarah. ...
/hebrew/4208.htm - 6k

3117. yom -- day
... perpetually, presently, + remaineth, X required, season, X since, space, then,
(process of) time, + as at other times, + in trouble, weather, (as) when, (a, the ...
/hebrew/3117.htm - 7k


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