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Hawk (6 Occurrences)

Leviticus 11:16 the horned owl, the screech owl, and the gull, any kind of hawk, (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Deuteronomy 14:15 and the ostrich, and the owl, and the seagull, and the hawk after its kind, (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Job 39:13 The wing of the rattling ones exulteth, Whether the pinion of the ostrich or hawk. (YLT)

Job 39:26 "Is it by your wisdom that the hawk soars, and stretches her wings toward the south? (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV)

Psalms 74:19 O give not the soul of your dove to the hawk; let not the life of the poor go out of your memory for ever. (BBE)

Isaiah 34:11 But the birds of the waste land will have their place there; it will be a heritage for the bittern and the raven: and it will be measured out with line and weight as a waste land. (See RSV)

Night-hawk (2 Occurrences)
Night-hawk. << Nighthawk, Night-hawk. Night-lodge >>. Easton's Bible Dictionary ... The
Revised Version renders "night-hawk.". Multi-Version Concordance ...
/n/night-hawk.htm - 7k

Sea-hawk (2 Occurrences)
Sea-hawk. << Seah, Sea-hawk. Seahs >>. Multi-Version Concordance
Sea-hawk (2 Occurrences). Leviticus 11:16 And the ostrich ...
/s/sea-hawk.htm - 6k

Hawk (6 Occurrences)
... Easton's Bible Dictionary (Hebrews netz, a word expressive of strong and rapid
flight, and hence appropriate to the hawk). ... (see NIGHT-HAWK.). ...
/h/hawk.htm - 14k

Hawk's (1 Occurrence)
... Multi-Version Concordance Hawk's (1 Occurrence). Job 28:7 No bird has knowledge
of it, and the hawk's eye has never seen it. (BBE). ...
/h/hawk&#39;s.htm - 6k

Nighthawk (2 Occurrences)
... The Revised Version renders "night-hawk.". ... Leviticus 11:16 and the ostrich, and the
night-hawk, and the sea-mew, and the hawk after its kinds; (See RSV). ...
/n/nighthawk.htm - 7k

Cuckow (2 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Cuckow (2 Occurrences). Leviticus 11:16 And the owl, and
the night-hawk, and the cuckow, and the hawk after his kind, (WBS). ...
/c/cuckow.htm - 8k

Cuckoo (2 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Cuckoo (2 Occurrences). Leviticus 11:16 And the owl, and
the night hawk, and the cuckoo, and the hawk after his kind, (KJV YLT). ...
/c/cuckoo.htm - 9k

Sea-mew (2 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Sea-mew (2 Occurrences). Leviticus 11:16 and the ostrich,
and the night-hawk, and the seamew, and the hawk after its kind, (See JPS). ...
/s/sea-mew.htm - 8k

Night (3322 Occurrences)
... NIGHT HAWK. ... Any member of the eagle, vulture, owl or hawk families driven to desperation
would "tear and scratch" with the claws and bite in self-defence. ...
/n/night.htm - 15k

... Whale, Dolphin, Porpoise RODENTIA: Mouse, Mole-Rat (sv MOLE), Porcupine, Hare Birds:
PASSERES: Sparrow, Swallow, Raven, Hoopoe, Night Hawk RAPTORES: Great Owl ...
/z/zoology.htm - 18k

2585. kapeleuo -- to make a trade of
... to make a trade of. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: kapeleuo Phonetic Spelling:
(kap-ale-yoo'-o) Short Definition: I hawk, trade in Definition: I hawk ...
/greek/2585.htm - 6k
Smith's Bible Dictionary

(Leviticus 11:16; 14:15; Job 39:26) The hawk includes various species of the Falconidae . With respect to the passage in Job (l.c.) which appears to allude to the migratory habits of hawks, it is curious to observe that of the ten or twelve lesser raptors (hawk tribe) of Palestine, nearly all are summer migrants. The kestrel remains all the year, but the others are all migrants from the south.

ATS Bible Dictionary

Or FALCON, a strong-winged and rapacious bird, of several in Syria; unclean for the Hebrews, Le 11:16, but sacred among the Greeks and Egyptians. In its migrations, it illustrates the wise providence of the Creator, Job 39:26.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

hok (nets; hierax, and glaux; Latin Accipiter nisus): A bird of prey of the genus accipiter. Large hawks were numerous in Palestine. The largest were 2 ft. long, have flat heads, hooked beaks, strong talons and eyes appearing the keenest and most comprehensive of any bird. They can sail the length or breadth of the Holy Land many times a day. It is a fact worth knowing that mist and clouds interfere with the vision of birds and they hide, and hungry and silent wait for fair weather, so you will see them sailing and soaring on clear days only. These large hawks and the glede are of eagle-like nature, nesting on Carmel and on the hills of Galilee, in large trees and on mountain crags. They flock near Beersheba, and live in untold numbers in the wilderness of the Dead Sea. They build a crude nest of sticks and twigs and carry most of the food alive to their young. Of course they were among the birds of prey that swarm over the fresh offal from slaughter and sacrifice. No bird steers with its tail in flight in a more pronounced manner than the hawk. These large birds are all-the-year residents, for which reason no doubt the people distinguished them from smaller families that migrated. They knew the kite that Isaiah mentioned in predicting the fall of Edom. With them the smaller, brighter-colored kestrels, that flocked over the rocky shores of the Dead Sea and over the ruins of deserted cities, seemed to be closest in appearance to the birds we include in the general term "falcon." Their ate mice, insects and small birds, but not carrion. The abomination lists of Leviticus 11:16 and Deuteronomy 14:15 each include hawks in a general term and specify several species as unfit for food. Job 39:26 reads:

"Is it by thy wisdom that the hawk soareth,

And stretcheth her wings toward the south?"

Aside from calling attention to the miraculous flight,, this might refer to migration, or to the wonderful soaring exhibitions of these birds.


Gene Stratton-Porter


nit'-hok (tachmac, "tachmas"; glaux, but sometimes strouthos, and seirenos; Latin camprimulgus): The Hebrew tachmac means "to tear and scratch the face," so that it is very difficult to select the bird intended by its use. Any member of the eagle, vulture, owl or hawk families driven to desperation would "tear and scratch" with the claws and bite in self-defence. The bird is mentioned only in the lists of abominations (see Leviticus 11:16 Deuteronomy 14:15). There are three good reasons why the night-hawk or night-jar, more properly, was intended. The lists were sweeping and included almost every common bird unfit for food. Because of its peculiar characteristics it had been made the object of fable and superstition. It fed on wing at night and constantly uttered weird cries. Lastly, it was a fierce fighter when disturbed in brooding or raising its young. Its habit was to lie on its back and fight with beak and claw with such ferocity that it seemed very possible that it would "tear and scratch the face." Some commentators insist that the bird intended was an owl, but for the above reasons the night-jar seems most probable; also several members of the owl family were clearly indicated in the list.


Gene Stratton-Porter

Easton's Bible Dictionary
(Hebrews netz, a word expressive of strong and rapid flight, and hence appropriate to the hawk). It is an unclean bird (Leviticus 11:16; Deuteronomy 14:15). It is common in Syria and surrounding countries. The Hebrew word includes various species of Falconidae, with special reference perhaps to the kestrel (Falco tinnunculus), the hobby (Hypotriorchis subbuteo), and the lesser kestrel (Tin, Cenchris). The kestrel remains all the year in Palestine, but some ten or twelve other species are all migrants from the south. Of those summer visitors to Palestine special mention may be made of the Falco sacer and the Falco lanarius. (see NIGHT-HAWK.)

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) One of numerous species and genera of rapacious birds of the family Falconidae. They differ from the true falcons in lacking the prominent tooth and notch of the bill, and in having shorter and less pointed wings. Many are of large size and grade into the eagles. Some, as the goshawk, were formerly trained like falcons. In a more general sense the word is not infrequently applied, also, to true falcons, as the sparrow hawk, pigeon hawk, duck hawk, and prairie hawk.

2. (v. i.) To catch, or attempt to catch, birds by means of hawks trained for the purpose, and let loose on the prey; to practice falconry.

3. (v. i.) To make an attack while on the wing; to soar and strike like a hawk; -- generally with at; as, to hawk at flies.

4. (v. i.) To clear the throat with an audible sound by forcing an expiratory current of air through the narrow passage between the depressed soft palate and the root of the tongue, thus aiding in the removal of foreign substances.

5. (v. t.) To raise by hawking, as phlegm.

6. (n.) An effort to force up phlegm from the throat, accompanied with noise.

7. (v. t.) To offer for sale by outcry in the street; to carry (merchandise) about from place to place for sale; to peddle; as, to hawk goods or pamphlets.

8. (n.) A small board, with a handle on the under side, to hold mortar.

Strong's Hebrew
5322b. nets -- hawk, falcon (a bird of prey)
... << 5322a, 5322b. nets. 5323 >>. hawk, falcon (a bird of prey). Transliteration:
nets Short Definition: hawk. Word Origin from an unused ...
/hebrew/5322b.htm - 5k

344. ayyah -- a hawk, falcon, kite
... a hawk, falcon, kite. Transliteration: ayyah Phonetic Spelling: (ah-yaw') Short
Definition: falcon. ... Perhaps from 'iy; the screamer, ie A hawk -- kite, vulture. ...
/hebrew/344.htm - 6k

5322. nets -- a blossom
... blossom, hawk From natsats; a flower (from its brilliancy); also a hawk (from it
flashing speed); --blossom, hawk. see HEBREW natsats. << 5321, 5322. ...
/hebrew/5322.htm - 5k

8464. tachmas -- male ostrich
... disease, grievous, that are sickness. From chamac; a species of unclean bird (from
its violence), perhaps an owl -- night hawk. see HEBREW chamac. << 8463, 8464 ...
/hebrew/8464.htm - 6k

8465. Tachan -- an Ephraimite
... night hawk. Probably from chanah; station; Tachan, the name of two Israelites --
Tahan. see HEBREW chanah. << 8464, 8465. Tachan. 8466 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/8465.htm - 6k

5862. Etam -- three places in Isr.
... NASB Word Usage Etam (5). Etam. From ayit; hawk-ground; Etam, a place in Palestine --
Etam. see HEBREW ayit. << 5861, 5862. Etam. 5863 >>. Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/5862.htm - 6k

5861. ayit -- a bird of prey
... bird, fowl, ravenous bird. From iyt; a hawk or other bird of prey -- bird, fowl,
ravenous (bird). see HEBREW iyt. << 5860b, 5861. ayit. 5862 >>. Strong's Numbers
/hebrew/5861.htm - 6k



Hawk: A Carnivorous and Ceremonially Unclean Bird

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